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    Gates Money Breeds Gates Approval

    by Susan Ohanian

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "has released" a list of recommended tools to support Common Core implementation. Confirming the dictum that money breeds money, many of these "tools" were developed by outfits receiving big money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to do the job. A slew of recommended tools designed to keep teachers and their students in Common Core line come from Student Achievement Partners, recipients of more than $13,000,000 from Gates.

  • Academic Word Finder makes the claims that if the teacher enters text used with students, "The Finder" will identify "level two words," meaning the kinds of words that will make students college and career ready. I entered a long passage from Pearson's serviceable (boring) ReadyGEN nonfiction text for first graders and was informed it had no level two words.

    So I entered part of Jack Prelutsky's "Deinonychus," whose vocabulary is certainly rigorous:

    Deinonychus was named for its terrible claw,
    Deinonychus was savage and cunning,
    it pounced on its victims and swallowed them raw,
    before they had even stopped running.
    Ferocity was its predominant trait,
    its habits were purely predacious,
    it ate what it caught, and it caught what it ate
    in the days of the early Cretaceous.

    Student Achievement Partners announces this passage has no level two words.

    Go figure,

  • Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching Tool

    The Coaching Tool focuses on the alignment of the content of the lesson to the CCSS. The Coaching Tool should be used to supplement information from other established observation protocols that focus on planning and practice, classroom management and environment, and professional responsibilities.

  • And this includes YOU, kindergarten teachers!

    And there's more! The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also recommends

  • Coherence Map

  • Common Core Knowledge and Practice Survey

  • All from Student Achievement Partners/Achieve the Core.

    Gates recommendations from other sources include:

  • Gooru (Yes, as the obnoxious name suggests, the founders worked at Google. And they are partnering with Success for All Foundation):

    We blend big data and crowdsourced content so students have immediate information and resources for what to do next. We bring communities together to support students by aligning efforts and facilitating collective impact. . . .

    The transformative nature of technology is so compelling when applied to learning. With just a web-enabled phone, students anywhere can learn just about anything!

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money backing this endeavor: $3,089,102.

  • EQuIP (from Achieve)

    Increase the supply of high quality lessons and units aligned to the CCSS that are available to elementary, middle, and high school teachers as soon as possible; and
    Build the capacity of educators to evaluate and improve the quality of instructional materials for use in their classrooms and schools.

    To make sure things are done right, Achieve provides Rubrics for lessons.

  • Achieve Inc money from Gates: You do the math.

  • EngageNY

    Full Year curriculum. See Ohanian review.

  • Literacy Design Collaborative

    LDC identifies itself as "enabling tens of thousands of teachers to engage students at all levels in rigorous, College and Career Readiness-aligned exercises to improve reading, writing, and comprehension skills—ensuring they are prepared to join the 21st century workforce."

    A ton of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants have been awarded for various school districts and outfits like LaRaza to participate in building Literacy Design Collaborative. LDC itself has received $13,250,687 directly from Gates.

    If you take a look at all the LDC partners, you will be
    a) reassured
    b) mad as hell

    Not surprisingly, a vice president at New Visions for Public Schools left that position to become executive director for LDC.

  • Curriculet
    The co-founder and CEO of Curriculet, which sounds like a school-based chewing gum, is the founder of both KIPP Summit Academy and KIPP King Collegiate High School

    Curriculet is revolutionizing the way kids read, and how teachers create, share, and teach with a simple yet dynamic digital reading platform. Curriculet enables teachers to deliver customized, Common Core aligned learning and digitally create and share their curriculum and lesson materials. . . .
    Embed a layer of questions, quizzes, and rich media annotations into any reading assignment.

  • If you can stand it, Gates has more recommendations for nifty products and strategies for embedding everybody in the Common Core.

    — Susan Ohanian
    December 13, 2015

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