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    University of Michigan to establish teacher preparation center with $7 million grant

    Ohanian Comment:

    Below we see a press release posing as a news article puffing the fact that TeachingWorks, an education entrepreneurial effort at the University of Michgan, received a big chunk of money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In November 2014, TeachingWorks received a $1.1 million grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust for the same purpose. Certainly, Helmsley is a fitting Gates partner.

    Lining up with the Gates view of education, the TeachingWorks plan begins with testing:

    First, TeachingWorks will collaborate with the Educational Testing Service to develop and implement a new licensure assessment called the National Observational Teaching Examination. The new exam is aimed at ensuring that all teaching candidates demonstrate mastery of key practices and content before entering the classroom.

    Second, TeachingWorks will collaborate with teacher education programs across the country to develop shared approaches to professional training focused on these high-leverage instructional practices. The grant supports small networks of teacher education programs and K-12 school districts that collectively commit to increasing the number of beginning teachers who can carry out the practices assessed in NOTE. Each network will identify common problems in preparing educators for practice and members will work together to build and try out solutions.

    High-leverage instructional practices. Spare me.

    According to TeachingWorks High-leverage practices are the basic fundamentals of teaching. These practices are used constantly and are critical to helping students learn important content.

    What they really mean is high-leverage is worth $8 million dollars.


    DEFINITION of Leverage

    1. The use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to increase the potential return of an investment.

    2. The amount of debt used to finance a firm's assets. A firm with significantly more debt than equity is considered to be highly leveraged.

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also dumped money into Teacher Prep Inspection -- US, Inc.

    Teacher Prep Inspection -- US, Inc.
    Date: October 2015
    Purpose: to support the inspection process in a set of teacher preparation transformation centers providers who are actualizing key drivers
    Amount: $3,248,182
    Term: 33
    Topic: College-Ready
    Grantee Location: Sarasota, Florida

    This outfits gets its template from the bogus National Council on Teacher Quality's Teacher Prep Review. Here's their aim: Ultimately, the Teacher Prep Inspectorate could take the place of state' own site monitoring processes and supplement program accreditation.

    And here's another teacher inspection wannabe.

    National Center For Teacher Residencies Inc
    Date: October 2015
    Purpose: to support the establishment of teacher preparation transformation centers that will provide technical assistance, serve as a data center, and serve as a disseminator of practice
    Amount: $6,847,720
    Term: 33
    Topic: College-Ready
    Grantee Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Grantee Website: http://www.teacherresidencies.org

    The Board of Directors of Teacher Residencies includes representatives from Bellwether, ExxonMobile, Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, EducationCounsel, LLC (two),DaVita HealthCare Partners (kidney care), 100kin10.

    Here are more Gates grants for this teacher inspection enterprise--just in 2015:

    Texas Tech University
    Date: October 2015
    Purpose: to support the establishment of teacher preparation transformation centers that will provide technical assistance, serve as a data center, and serve as a disseminator of practice
    Amount: $6,962,397
    Term: 33
    Topic: College-Ready
    Grantee Location: Lubbock, Texas
    Grantee Website: http://www.ttu.edu/

    American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences
    Date: October 2015
    Purpose: to support a partnership with teacher preparation providers to assess the benefits of a model of pre-service clinical preparation that combines high-quality placements with structured evaluation and feedback
    Amount: $599,894
    Term: 16
    Topic: College-Ready
    Grantee Location: Washington, District of Columbia
    Grantee Website: http://www.air.org

    It seems typical that so few of these enterprises involve people who have actually taught.

    And think about it: With high-leverage teaching, what's the capital? The debt? What's the real cost? Who ends up paying?

    The financial crisis of 2007ΓΆ€“2009 was blamed in part on excessive leverage. Certainly the possibility of excessive losses is greatly enhanced in highly leveraged positions. It is no surprise that Gates and Helmsley are eager to throw the teaching profession to the whims and fancies of Educational Testing Service and David Coleman. How do the universities grabbing for this money defend themselves?

    Reminder: The SAT is a fee-based standardized test for college admissions in the United States first administered in 1926.[8] The SAT is administered by College Board in the United States and is developed, published, and scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). David Coleman, chief architect of the Common Core,a 2012 NewSchools Venture Fund Change Agent, and leverages every schoolchild in the US.

    by Lindsay Knake

    A teaching organization based at the University of Michigan has nearly $7 million to offer professional support for teacher preparation.

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a $6.8 million grant to the U-M School of Education-based TeachingWorks to establish a Teacher Preparation Transformation Center.

    The center creates a national network of teacher education providers that will build effective pathways for the preparation of beginning teachers. There are Teacher Preparation Transformation Center in Texas, New York City, Chicago and Massachusetts.

    TeachingWorks, established in 2012, will offer workshops, modeling and coaching to staff in similar centers around the nation and to teacher educators to support the effectiveness of teacher preparation. TeachingWorks also will create assessments to determine a novice teacher's capability in the classroom.

    "It will take a wide variety of partners and teacher preparation programs serving diverse communities and students to ensure that all new teachers are well prepared, and that all students receive excellent instruction," said Deborah Ball, director of TeachingWorks and U-M School of Education dean in a statement.

    "The (center) is providing a groundbreaking opportunity to prepare tomorrow's teachers for skillful and responsible practice, and we look forward to the important work ahead," she continued.

    — Lindsay Knake with Ohanian comment
    Annn Arbor News
    November 27, 2015

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