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This Little Blog: A Place to Respond

This site offering an analysis of the war against public education is by a teacher who is one of the founding members of the Educator Roundtable.

The blogger points out that a little humor now and then helps make the case.


(Not the Official) DIBELS Clearinghouse

Subtitled News and Views about Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills Test, this site, sponsored by the Vermont Society for the Study of Education, offers information and opinion about DIBELS. We come not to praise DIBELS.

Here is their call for contributions:

* We welcome comments and contributions.

* Educators and parents: We welcome first-hand accounts of how DIBELS has impacted your students and your children's lives.

* We welcome classroom research.

* We welcome university research.

* We welcome examples of how DIBELS drives homework and curriculum.

* We welcome examples of media coverage of the DIBELS mandate.

* We welcome material on all DIBELS matters not mentioned above.


ACTNOW (Advocates of Children & Teachers National Organizing Workshop)

ACTNOW supports great equality of resources, education for democracy, and high expectations for all students.

ACTNOW is committed to exposing the reasons for the corporate-led reforms and to organizing grassroots community resistance to take back the schools.

In March 2003, ACTNOW\'s first organizing meeting was held at the World of Opportunity (WOO) in Birmingham, Alabama, where members of ACTNOW presented the WOO with the second Courage in Education Award--and a check for $9,000. In keeping with the principles of the organization, the registration fee for this conference was a donation to the WOO.


Advocate Excellence

A retired teacher and motivational speaker uses proceeds from the sale of provocative and beautiful notecards and posters on this site to help support six $1000.00 annual scholarships at Meridian Community College in Meridian, Mississippi. The scholarships were established to assist students who plan to pursue a career in teaching and to honor the following teachers who made a difference in the life of Frank Charles Winstead:

Mary Ann Bonney Riley Elementary Education Scholarship 5th Grade Teacher, 1951-52

Maude Reid History Scholarship 10th Grade History Teacher, 1956-57
13th Grade History Teacher, 1959-60

Eli Pacetti Instrumental Music Scholarship High School Band Director, 1957-59

Marguerite Jenkins English Scholarship 13th Grade English Teacher, 1959-60

Jack Shank History Scholarship 13th and 14th Grade Camera Club Sponsor, 1959-61

Reva Breckenridge Science Scholarship 13th Grade Botany Teacher, 1959-60
14th Grade Zoology Teacher, 1960-61


ALABAMA: The World of Opportunity (WOO)

World of Opportunity is a social justice and civil rights educational and job readiness program. Visit their site and see the remarkable work they are doing.


Alfie Kohn

The site contains provocative essays warning against standards and high-stakes testing. Kohn is one of the few activists not afraid to say that "high standards" drive the problem of high-stakes testing.


Alliance for Childhood

This alliance speaks out for young children. That's it. Their Call to Action on the Education of Young Children, issued December 6, 2005, is must reading. And don't miss their proclamations on the importance of play.


American Association for the Child's Right to Play

This worthy site protects, preserves, and promotes play as a fundamental right for all humans. We need them now more than ever.



This is a rare blog. It is a blog for thinking people.

Doug, who runs it, introduces himself thusly:

My name is Doug.
I'm from the government.
I teach your kids.

Here's what he says the blog is about:

Educating people for a democratic society is cultural work. Teachers must become border crossers. We need to be creatively flexible because even if curriculum is standardized, our students are not. Teaching is more than methodology. It begins with understanding, and it depends on personal connections that honor the identities of learners. Conceptual borders are places to make new meanings - to explore different ways of thinking and being, to muck about with difficult questions and to be unafraid of wrong answers.


Bracey's Education Disinformation Detection and Reporting Agency

Gerald Bracey should be declared a national treasure. That's it.

Read his monthly reports in Phi Delta Kappan, and also read occasional articles posted on the Education Disinformation Detection and Reporting Agency site.

Register at:

Then go to the archives and read Bracey's disentanglement of the hype, the lies, and the distortions offered by mainstream media in the name of education reporting.



The name of this California-based group of test resistors reflects their kinship with Massachusetts CARE. Here is their statement of purpose: "We are a grassroots organization of educators, parents, students, and concerned citizens working together to promote high quality teaching and learning in all classrooms. We recognize that high-stakes testing harms children and impoverishes education. Together we are working to educate policy makers and the public about the dangers of the current trend in educational reforms, and to promote authentic assessment and reform efforts which work towards equity, democracy, academic excellence, and social justice.

"This website serves as an information clearinghouse, as well as a resource to give voice and resource to those who want to get involved. We invite you to read more about this issue, and get involved."


California: Coalition for Social Justice

The Coalition for Social Justice is a multi-racial grassroots organization made up of over 350 active parents, students, and teachers fighting racist and class biased educational policies. CEJ has a vision to transform public education and to build an anti-racist social movement, embodied by their 10 Point Program (Bo to their website for a description in English and Spanish). As part of this larger vision, CEJ, now beginning its fifth year, has helped to lead a campaign against high-stakes standardized testing including the Stanford 9, the CAT6, and the California High School Exit Exam (aka CAHSEE).


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives "offers an alternative to the message that we have no choice about the policies that affect our lives. We undertake and promote research on issues of social and economic justice. We produce research reports, books, opinion pieces, fact sheets and other publications, including The Monitor, a monthly digest of progressive research and opinion."

The Centre offers daily listserv mailings of important newspaper articles from U.S. and Canadian press on education issues.


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)

The CCPA is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice. Their research and analysis show that there are workable solutions to the policy questions facing Canadians today.

And it turns out those workable solutions work for residents of the US too.


Center for the Study of Jobs and Education In Wisconsin and U.S.

Dennis W. Redovich, retired Director of Research, Planning and Development from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, offers the scoop on education, jobs and salaries. He offers statistics, not Business Roundtable hype. If you need statistics on how many high-tech job openings there will be over the next decade, here's the place to look.

Even when the focus is Milwaukee schools, the facts speak as a warning to all the states.

Analysis of Third Grade Reading Skills in Milwaukee
The Ultimate Con: All Charter, Choice and For-Profit Schools Are Good, Public Education in the United States is Failing

Faith Based and Private Education in Milwaukee: Hype and Hypocrisy


Children of Incarcerated Parents.

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens offers an important resource for teachers trying to help Children of Incarcerated Parents.

For example, here is a bibliography.



Children's Defense Fund

These people invented the Leave no child behind slogan--and they mean it.


Class Size Matters

Class Size Matters is an organization of parents, teachers, and other concerned members of the community, dedicated to the goal of smaller classes in NYC and the nation as a whole.

We provide concise summaries of the research showing that smaller classes have a host of academic and non-academic benefits and that reducing class size is one of the most effective methods to improve student learning and narrow the achievement gap.

We have successfully battled to preserve New York State's early grade class size reduction funding, which the Governor repeatedly slated for elimination, and to provide more city funds to lower class size.

More recently, with the help of the Independent Budget Office, we uncovered evidence suggesting that NYC had misappropriated state funds dedicated towards reducing class size, and had created only1/3 of the additional classes claimed, with more than 1,000 missing classes in 2003-4 school year alone.

The uncovering of this evidence, which forced the NYC Department of Education to admit to having reported inaccurate class size data, led several elected officials to call for an audit, which is now being undertaken by the State Comptroller's office.

Here in New York City, we are also at the forefront of the effort to amend the City Charter to require smaller classes in all grades.

Class Size Matters is headed by Leonie Haimson, a public school parent. In 1998, she began working for the Educational Priorities Panel, where she prepared position papers on class size, lobbied public officials, and wrote a report on the effects of the first year of the state class size reduction program that was cited prominently in the press and on the floor of the US Senate.

She founded Class Size Matters in 2000, and in April of 2005, the organization's application for federal non-profit status was submitted.

For Class Size Matters' Board of Directors and Advisory Board, click here.

You can subscribe to the Class Size Matters list serv, with regular updates on class size news and related developments, by sending an email to classsizematters-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

For more information, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please send it to:

Leonie Haimson
Executive Director
Class Size Matters
124 Waverly Pl.
New York, NY 10011
phone: 212-674-7320
email: leonie@att.net


COLORADO: Coalition for Better Education

This grassroots group has done phenomenal work in getting the opt out message to parents. Their goals are to:

  • raise community awareness about Colorado's high-stakes test
  • to raise awareness about NCLB
  • to empower parents and teachers
  • http://www.thecbe.org/

    COLORADO: The Coalition for Better Education

    The motto of this Colorado group is "To empower parents and teachers to become the driving force that shapes educational policy"

    The CBE was started by a group of aspiring teachers from the University of Northern Colorado.

    It's rapidly expanding to teachers, parents, and students across the state.


    To Raise Awareness about CSAP:
    • Colorado spends more than $16 million to administer CSAP.
    • Students in grades 3-10 take the CSAP every year.
    • CSAP is a high-stakes test that puts a lot of pressure on teachers and students.
    • CSAP does NOT measure a child's overall academic ability.
    • Many educators take more than a month out of their normal curriculum to prepare and test for CSAP.
    • Teaching to the test promotes shallow learning and decreases critical thinking skills and creativity.
    • Teachers do NOT receive CSAP scores to assess their current students until they have moved on to the next grade level.
    • Many educators believe CSAP is taking the fun out of school for children.

    To Raise Awareness about No Child Left Behind (NCLB):
    • There is not enough funding to implement all of the requirements of NCLB.
    • It says that all states are required to have a statewide standardized assessment program.
    • A school will receive a rating of UNSATISFACTORY if less than 95% of the students take CSAP (according to NCLB).
    • Schools have to reach Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in order to comply with NCLB.
    • All students have to be proficient in reading, math and science by the year 2014.

    To Empower Parents and Teachers:
    • All parents will know that their child can opt out of CSAP.
    • Parents and teachers will provide insight on deciding future educational policies.
    • Teachers will not be discouraged from voicing their opinions about CSAP.
    • Legislators will value the expertise and concerns of parents and teachers.
    • Parents, teachers and students will show legislators the consequences of high stakes testing like CSAP.


    Communities for Quality Education

    Mission Statement:

    Our Mission:

    Communities for Quality Education, a national education advocacy group, seeks to build a partnership between people inside and outside the education community who share the common goal of building better public schools for every child. Our immediate focus is working with groups and individuals who share our concerns about the so-called No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law and how it is being implemented. Our long-term goal is to have a much broader dialogue about the continuing public policy agenda for public schools.


    Delaware: Advocates for Children's Education.

    Advocates for Children's Education (ACE) is a grassroots group of parents and citizens who are concerned with the unintended effects of the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP) on children's education. They hope to inform other parents, educators and legislators about their concerns and goals. They offer active resistance to NCLB.

    Take a look at the Pediatrics Letters on the site. What a good idea, getting local medical associations involved in the issue of developmental appropriateness of state standards and testing.



    EdResearch.info seeks to make the findings of independent, peer-reviewed, replicated research on reading and writing education, as well as information on publicly reported tests of reading and writing achievement, accessible to busy parents, educators, and policymakers in order that they may make informed decisions about education and educational policies.


    Education Policy Studies Laboratory

    Here you will find:

    Commercialism in Education Research Unit: CERU, directed by Professor Alex Molnar, conducts research, disseminates information, and helps facilitate dialogue between the education community, policy makers, and the public at large about commercial activities in schools. CERU is guided by the belief that mixing commercial activities with public education raises fundamental issues of public policy, curriculum content, the proper relationship of educators to the students entrusted to them, and the values that the schools embody.

    CERU is the only national academic research center dedicated to this topic.

    Education Policy Analysis Archives: A Peer Reviewed Journal, ed. Gene V. Glass

    Education Policy Reports Project: EPRP, directed by David C. Berliner, provides summaries of research and scholarship on major issues facing education. The reports featured on this site are particularly focused on the effects of educational policies and practices on America's poor and minority students. Recommendations based on the research evidence available at the time of writing conclude each report.

    Education Policy Research Unit: EPRU, directed by Dr. Alex Molnar, conducts original research, provides independent analyses of research and policy documents, and facilitates the implementation of innovations in areas such as student performance standards, assessment, and curriculum. EPRU disseminates its reports, analyses and other documents to policy makers, educators and the public. The Education Policy Research Unit at Arizona State University is the successor of the Education Policy Project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    Language Policy Research Unit: LPRU, directed by Dr. Terrence Wiley, promotes research and policy analysis on the challenges and opportunities posed by national and global multilingualism. LPRU priorities include: a) interdisciplinary studies to promote equitable language policies in education and society; b) demographic studies with policy implications for language rights and preservation; c) historical and contemporary studies on language contact, conflict, and minority language accommodation and promotion; d) and media, legal and legislative analyses to inform public discourse and policy making in state, national, and international contexts.

    LPRU offers these resources for language policy research.


    Educator Roundtable: Ending NCLB

    Teachers, scholars, and policy analysts have convened this roundtable in hopes of ending NCLB. Given the size, position, and power of the individuals and organizations behind the legislation, we are under no illusions about how difficult undoing their doings will be. Up until now, no one has levelled effective, widespread opposition to the law.

    Yet we remain hopeful.

    Recognizing an American history replete with stories of oppressed minorities shrugging off their oppressors, we understand the power of concerted, coordinated, and unified opposition to injustice. Therefore, we are calling on teachers, students, parents, administrators, scholars, legislators, and other concerned citizens to join us in opposition to those who intend to regulate our once vibrant public schools to death.

    While there are hundreds of organizations, and tens of thousands of people, working to end NCLB, our efforts are disperse and incohoate. Our mission is to coordinate and focus multiple campaigns in order to make better use of ideas and resources. At the same time, we intend to increase citizen awareness about NCLB's disasterous effects on teaching, learning, equity, and democracy, inviting non-educators to join us in ending this legislation. Once we have built a cohesive network, we will turn our attention towards stopping the law's reauthorization.

    Join us.


    Eliminate NCLB: Our Children are the Future

    Extremely concerned about our Public Schools under No Child Left Behind (NCLB), this group is organizing for resistance. Take a look at their action plan.


    Errors in Standardized Tests: A Systemic Problem

    Written by Kathleen Rhoades and George Madaus, National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy, Boston College, this monograph is concerned with the role of human errors in testing. From the introduction: "Human errors do not occur randomly; their presence is not known. These errors are of greater concern than random errors because they are capricious and bring with them unseen consequences."

    The study examines human errors in systems in general and in the education system in particular. The authors document active errors and latent errors in educational testing.



    Fairtest The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) is, in their words, "an advocacy organization working to end the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students and workers is fair, open, and educationally sound."

    The site contains position papers on high-stakes testing, links to state advocacy organizations, and ARN, a listserv of people trying to sort out testing issues. Fair Test has launched a petition calling for fundamental overhaul of No Child Behind. You can sign this petition at http://www.fairtest.org/petition/start.php?id=1


    Florida Coalition for Assessment Reform

    FCAR is a grassroots organization that provides resources and assistance to parents, teachers, students, and other citizens who support constructive assessment.

    Exciting things are happening. Check it out!

    Don't miss their compilation of testing atrocities:



    GEORGIA: Concerned Parents of Georgia

    The mission statement of the Concerned Parents of Georgia is short and sweet: Dedicated to removing high-stakes tests from our public schools.


    Healthy Kids

    As the name implies, this is an advocacy and advice site about children's health issues in school.

    There is a useful Q & A section


    HorseSense and Nonsense

    The subtitle tells you what this new site is all about: Education, politics, United Teachers Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, all things Carnegie, some things Hilbert, and many different things from guest bloggers.


    Jim Trelease on Reading

    Jim Trelease offers wonderful advice on reading to parents and teachers. Here's the link to his masterful examination of No Child Left Behind.



    Kay Jones, veteran educator, gathers and shares information on her website that focuses on school issues that many adolescents with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and behavioral disorders face in public schools.


    Kids Count

    KIDS COUNT, a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, is a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S. By providing policymakers and citizens with benchmarks of child well-being, KIDS COUNT seeks to enrich local, state, and national discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all children. You can find valuable information about children and poverty here.


    Kids Together, Inc.

    Here's a resource that provides information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act--and links to other resources.

    Kids Together is an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is "to promote inclusive communities where all people belong"


    Leave My Child Alone

    Here is a website to help parents OPT OUT of the Pentagon's illegal database, OPT OUT of their school's military recruitment list, and watch the "Leave My Child Alone" video.



    Arlington CARE

    Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education

    Here is the website of parents, teachers, students and other concerned citizens in and around Arlington, Massachusetts, USA, who believe that the MCAS is deeply flawed and is the wrong way to improve education in Massachusetts.

    The site is comprehensive and informative and a very good model.


    MASSACHUSETTS: Mass Parents

    This site contains information on organizing, essays about the effects of standardized testing, legal advice, and links to other groups.



    Affiliated with Fair Test, the Massachusetts Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education (CARE) is an active statewide network of parents, educators, students and others who are working to ensure that all students have a fair chance to receive an excellent public education.


    National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth

    The National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth is a valuable resource for many of the issues regarding military recruitment, especially in schools. It is building a database of counter-recruitment groups around the country.


    NCLB Grassroots

    NCLBgrassroots.org is a website tracking news articles from every state on the No Child Left Behind Act and monitoring how communities are faring under the law. They have a comprehensive way of categorizing information, so that sorting and searching is efficient.

    This is a project of the Civil Society Institute's Result for American campaign.


    Nebraska: Nebraska Coalition for Educational Equity & Adequacy

    The Nebraska Coalition for Educational Equity & Adequacy was founded by school board members, parents, educators and taxpayers in 15 rural school systems in 2001. The coalition was formed in response to the State Legislature cheating rural children from having good community-schools and walking away from providing its fair share of funding schools from broader state tax sources. Our mission is to put in place a school funding system for Nebraska’s children that provides every child, in every school, in every community, an education suitable for the 21st Century, preparing them to be productive workers, effective citizens and creative people.


    Nebraska: Room 101

    "This is KZUM Lincoln, Powered by the Community."

    KZUM is a non-commercial, listener sponsored community radio station licensed to Sunrise Communications, a non-profit organization established solely to operate KZUM.

    Every Wednesday evening from 6:00--6:30, Central Time, KZUM airs Room 101 with longtime Nebraska teacher Michael Baker. Dedicated to "double-plus relevant" issues regarding public education in the community, Nebraska, and the nation, the program features deliberations and discussion with guests and listeners.

    People not in the Lincoln listening area may listen online.

    New Democracy

    This group, which came up with idea for MassRefusal, publishes cogent pieces about the reasons for standards and high stakes testing. See, for example:

    • MCAS: Why This is Being Done to Our Kids
    • You'll Never Be Good Enough: Schooling and Social Control

    Also see the valedictory speech by a gutsy public school senior—given while the Standardista governor was sitting on the platform.


    NEW JERSEY Readington Parents

    Take a look at this site organized by parents in New Jersey. Their current focus is standardized testing in the Readington School District. We can only hope that more parents will take this lead and set up groups to resist testing.


    New York City Public School Parents: Independent Voices

    Here is a coalition of savvy New York City parents whose mantra is Put the Public Back in Public Education. The site contains a great mix of news and satire.


    New York Performance Standards Consortium

    The New York Performance Standards Consortium represents 28 schools across New York State. Formed in 1997, the Consortium opposes high stakes tests arguing that "one size does not fit all."


    NEW YORK: Independent Community of Educators

    ICE-UFT is an opposition caucus within the United Federation of Teachers. We started as a diverse band of active and retired teachers who joined together in October 2003 to provide an alternative voice for school workers, addressing the deplorable conditions for teaching and learning in New York City, and exploring ways to make the UFT into a stronger and more democratic union.


    NEW YORK: Parents Coalition To End High Stakes Testing

    For more information or to join the coalition, please contact:

    Chairperson: Jane Hirschmann
    Email: kaneri@aol.com
    175 West 93rd St.
    New York, New York 10025
    (212) 222-6721


    NEW YORK: Time Out From Testing

    Time Out From Testing is a statewide coalition of parent, educator, business, community, and civil rights organizations in New York State committed to a "time-out" from excessive and high stakes exams. We call for a comprehensive review of the Regents exams and state-initiated 4th and 8th grade standardized tests and the impact they have had on our children, our schools, and our communities.


    No NCLB.org

    Here's a site for all teachers who believe that NCLB should be repealed or, at the very least, drastically changed, a site by teachers, for teachers.


    OHIO: StopOPTS!

    The mission is to Stop Ohio Proficiency Tests!
    Stop High-Stakes Testing!

    The site managers tell their stories and invite others to do the same.

    The site includes essays, resources, and position statements of use to anyone who cares about high stakes testing.


    Oregon: Neighborhood Schools Alliance

    In their words: NSA was founded at a community meeting at King Elementary in NE Portland School on March 9, 2005.

    By the end of the month, we had turned out in force at Portland School Board meetings and helped build a new, diverse coalition of community members in opposition to the Superintendent's top-down proposals. While we were not successful in preventing the short-sighted school closures, we did help slow down the District's "runaway train" forcing changes on the Jefferson Cluster.

    Since then, we have continued to "watchdog" the District by attending meetings, testifying to the School Board, issuing press releases and getting our views heard as best we can.

    Through meetings, phone calls, emails, testimony, rallies, and sign making parties; at each others’ homes, in the schools, and on the streets; the moms, dads, teachers, students, and elders in NSA have gotten to know each other across barriers of race, income, class, and neighborhood. We have forged bonds of friendship and solidarity and resolve, all across Portland, to work together to fight injustice and inequity in our schools.


    Parents for NCLB Reform

    Believing that a young child should not be going to school crying with stomach aches and headaches caused by test anxiety, a New Jersey mom is spearheading a resistance effort. She rejects the overwhelming sentiment that "we have no choice," insisting Parents, administrators, teachers and students do have a choice. We have the choice to organize, educate the public and demand reform. We must put our children’s interests first and we cannot wait for the inevitable failure of this law.


    Pencils Down

    Here'a a site encouraging and informing grassroots participation in bringing down the tests.


    Peter Campbell interviews Susan Ohanian


    Peter Sacks

    Peter Sacks, author of Standardized Minds: The High Price of America's Testing Culture and What We Can Do to Change It, provides links to his timely articles on testing, selected links to other important work, and a forum for discussion of current issues.


    Philadelphia Public School Notebook

    The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is an independent quarterly newspaper that serves as a voice for parents, students, teachers, and other members of the community who are working for quality and equality in Philadelphia's public schools. The paper was founded in 1994 by a group of concerned parents, teachers, and community members committed to improving public education. Over our ten year history, we have developed into a widely read and respected publication with a circulation of 52,000 copies. Most of these are distributed free of charge through each Philadelphia public school and Free Library branch as well as through over 280 community organizations. Each issue of the Notebook focuses on a theme of vital importance to public education in Philadelphia and contains both news and commentary in English and Spanish.


    Project CLEAN

    Project CLEAN: Citizens, Learners, and Educators Against Neglect

    Tom Keating asks, "If a school can't do a simple thing like keep soap in a dispenser, how can it hope to teach students self-respect or inspire them to greater academic achievement?"

    Tom says the first step to changing the world is to ask kids, "Do you have soap (stalled doors, warm water, signage reminding you to wash your hands)?"


    Research on Effective Reading Instruction

    California State Professor of Literacy Education Margaret Moustafa provides research studies on such topics as The Reading Achievement of Economically-Disadvantaged Children in Urban Schools Using Open Court and Scripted Reading Instruction.


    RESEARCH: Ed Research.Info

    Ed Research.Info EdResearch.info seeks to make the findings of independent, peer-reviewed, replicated research on reading and writing education, as well as information on publicly reported tests of reading and writing achievement, accessible to busy parents, educators, and policymakers in order that they may make informed decisions about education and educational policies.


    Results for America

    Results for America is a project initiated by the Civil Society Institute, a non-profit, independent organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging the involvement of community level groups and individuals in the public life of the country. They have loads of resources.


    Rethinking Schools

    The people at Rethinking Schools bring the reality of their own classrooms to the paper. For decades, they have been speaking out for the needs of children. Their website is excellent and their articles important.


    Rouge Forum

    The Rouge Forum is a group of educators, students, and parents seeking a democratic society. We are concerned about questions like these: How can we teach against racism, national chauvinism and sexism in an increasingly authoritarian and undemocratic society? How can we gain enough real power to keep our ideals and still teach--or learn? Whose interests shall school serve in a society that is ever more unequal? We are both research and action oriented. We want to learn about equality, democracy and social justice as we simultaneously struggle to bring into practice our present understanding of what that is. We seek to build a caring inclusive community which understands that an injury to one is an injury to all. At the same time, our caring community is going to need to deal decisively with an opposition that is sometimes ruthless.

    We hope to demonstrate that the power necessary to win greater democracy will likely rise out of an organization that unites people in new ways--across union boundaries, across community lines, across the fences of race and sex/gender. We believe that good humor and friendships are a vital part of building this kind of organization, as important as theoretical clarity. Friendships allow us to understand that action always reveals errors--the key way we learn. We chose Brer Rabbit as a symbol to underline the good cheer that rightfully guides the struggle for justice. Every part of the world is our briar patch.

    We had modest success in defeating the standardized test, the MEAP, in Michigan. We work in faculty organizations and unions to deal with the racism and sexism in academia. We try to press forward questions of class size, curricular freedom, anti-racist pedagogy, real inclusion, and a just tax system. As part of the Whole Schooling Consortium, we have sponsored forums in the U.S., uniting hundreds of people for democracy and equality.


    Schools Matter Blogspot

    This space explores issues in public education policy; and it advocates for a commitment to and a re-examination of the democratic purposes of schools.

    As blogger Jim Horn notes, "If there is some urgency in the message, it is due to the current reform efforts that are based on a radical re-invention of education, now spearheaded by a psychometric blitzkrieg of 'metastasized testing' aimed at dismantling a public education system that took almost 200 years to build."


    Seattle Education 2010

    Here's a blog whose mission is "Providing information to make informed decisions."

    Check it out.


    Shut Up and Teach

    An Arizona teacher and concerned parent takes on the system, urging others to speak up.


    Stephen Krashen

    Here you will find hundreds of articles by Stephen Krashen and also links to his books. There is no more passionate and informed advocate for issues of language acquisition and free voluntary reading than Stephen Krashen.

    A bonus is the 88 Generalizations About Free Voluntary Reading, which Steve offers to whomever is interested. You can print it out.

    You can also subscribe to his mailing list.



    Stephen Krashen

    On this website Stephen Krashen offers free downloads of valuable research he's done on a variety of topics--including comic book reading, Accelerated Reading, and why we shouldn't trust Ed Trust.


    Stop Homework

    Sara Bennett, co-author of The Case Against Homework, offers space for discussions on homework. She also posts news articles about parents' and teachers' struggles with homework and invites parents to send in their questions and their success stories.


    Stop National Standards

    We are a community of people who have come together to fight against the imposition of National Standards. We wage this fight because we know that when all children must learn the same thing, many don't learn much. And we know that when children are forced to Race to the Top of a pile of standards, many fall along the way.

    About Us

    We are educators and parents concerned about the corporate-politico push for National Standards which offer timetables for teaching eight-year-olds across America as though teachers were merely keepers of bus schedules. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan pushes National Standards with buckets of money and hysterical sound bites in the media. He avoids serious discussion with concerned educators and parents.

    Although we plan to provide some learned articles explaining the history of the standards movement, we are more interested in grassroots action. We will post news about what you're doing, and we welcome ideas-for-action from people who are willing to fight for our public schools.

    Into the streets!



    Headquartered in Chicago, Substance is the newspaper of the resistance. This quote appears on their front page: "Where ignorance is the standard, intelligence is subversive."

    Here's their mission statement:

    Substance is a monthly investigative newspaper devoted to in-depth reporting on the major issues facing public education. Our mission is to report facts and provide interpretations of the news about public schools unhindered by the biases against public education that currently infest both the �liberal� left and the �conservative� right. We are also pro-union, pro-child, and pro-democracy. Because of this, the news stories in Substance provide accurate information but never maintain the pretense of �objectivity.� �Objectivity� as it is practiced by the major media in this case means slanting the news to reflect the biases of the millionaire and billionaire individuals and corporations that control the public�s access to news and information.

    George N. Schmidt, Editor, May 4, 2002
    George Schmidt received the first Emperors Clothes Award for exhibiting Courage in Education.

    Read Substance. Subscribe: $16 for 10 issues--What a bargain!

    5132 W. Berteau
    Chicago, IL 60641-1440

    Old issues of the paper can be found at http://www.substancenews.com/index.htm



    This is the only newspaper of the resistance. Subscribe now.

    You can subscribe on their website
    Sent $16 to
    5132 W. Berteau Ave.
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    Here is up-to-date news from Substance, the only newspaper of education resistance.


    Summer Matters

    Summermatters.com is an information network that provides research and up-to-date information on school calendar reconfigurations that come under a variety of labels. Operated by a knowledgable and committed researcher, you can get help with problems--just ask.


    TEXAS: Educational Equity, Politics & Policy in Texas

    Angela Valenzuela's Blogspot contains posts on accountability, testing, dropouts, bilingual education, school finance, race, class, and gender issues with some additional focus at the national level. A Latina and Latino focus is also provided, reflecting Angela's work as a scholar and researcher of Texas education policy and politics.


    The Broad Report

    Oakland blogger Sharon Higgins has created a new resource The Broad Report.

    The subtitle provides a clue as to the thrust:
    An accumulation of information about Eli Broad's involvement in what many see as the dismantling of the U.S. public education system.


    The Learning Xchange

    Here's a way to find a reading buddy that doesn't involve juggling hours, driving, or other impediments. Give it a try. The Learning Xchange helps individuals connect for learning, discovery, reading, and discussion by inviting people to place free classified ads for learning and teaching.


    The Pulse: Education's Place for Debate

    District Administration Magazine is pleased to announce the creation of a new online publication, The Pulse - Education’s Place for Debate.

    This is not just a blog site where some narcissistic lunatic rants or reads the newspaper for you. The Pulse will feature exclusive articles by many of today’s leading educators, authors, scholars and policy-makers, along with news related to education. Best of all, you can talk back and add your voice to the conversation. Please do!


    The Rural School & Community Trust

    The Rural School and Community Trust is one of a growing number of organizations and states that have expressed serious concerns about the potential impacts of the No Child Left Behind Act on rural schools and districts. Their No Child Left Behind: Facts & Consequences has resources and commentary important to everyone, rural or urban.


    The Rural School and Community Trust

    The Rural School and Community Trust website expresses concern about NCLB. Of particular concern are the requirements for highly qualified teachers--in an arena where recruiting and retaining rural teachers is already difficult--and the law's requirements for measuring adequate yearly progress of schools. The site has an extensive collection of resources.


    The World of Opportunity

    Words can't express the wonder of the World of Oppportunity, but here's a description of what they do.

    World of Opportunity is a social justice and civil rights educational and job readiness program.

    We work with adults and young adults studying for the GED. We also offer literacy, adult basic education, and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

    The World of Opportunity offers free vocational training in computers, computer electronics, health care (CNA - certified nurse aide class), AutoCAD, drafting, basic carpentry and electricity. Our objective in offering these courses is also to assist students to gain meaningful employment using these skills.

    All training is FREE!

    At the World of Opportunity we teach with and learn from the whole person. Our students are human beings, not test scores. Curriculum is individually designed to meet each student's need and each student progresses at her or his own pace.

    If you are interested in becoming a student, volunteer tutor, or contributor, we welcome you and look forward to working with you.


    Transform Education

    Our public schools help create the people of the future. The people of the future create the world. For there to be social and economic justice in our world, our goal must be to prepare all children for the conversations that create the future. We can transform education and we can close the educational achievement gap only if we are willing to address the real sources of this gap and only if we are prepared to stand up for free, high-quality education for all children as their civil right.



    This his site covers all of Jim Trelease's efforts in helping children make books into friends, not enemies. And his efforts are large: Jim offers news and research that every teacher and parent needs to know.

    Here are some of the contents:

  • Issues in Reading Education

  • "Reading First" / No Child Left Behind Act: essays and issues

  • Reading and Spelling research

  • The best author/educator interviews on NPR and how to find and save them

  • Great read-aloud books

  • Researching the Poverty Formula: Vocabulary = Reading = INCOME!

  • And lots lots more!


    Vermont Commons Education Blog

    The subtitle of Vermont Commons is "Voices of Independence." We want to free ourselves of the control of Washington D. C. and return to our former status as the Republic of Vermont.

    I write an education blog for the site.


    Vermont Society for the Study of Education

    VSSE has committed its professional resources to shaping policies and promoting educational practices that work in the best interest of students. VSSE believes that education policy has been far too influenced by biased research promulgated by groups with vested interests. In response VSSE will diligently employ comprehensive, relevant, reliable research and scholarship based on sound theory when carrying out its work.


    WASHINGTON: Mothers Against WASL

    Mothers Against WASL, previously an Internet-based group of parents, students and educators, has registered with the State of Washington as a Nonprofit Corporation.

    “Our goal is to better organize to offer education and training to parents throughout the state,” says the organization’s director, Juanita Doyon. “We are struggling against state agencies and business corporations with seemingly endless resources for propaganda. Recent radio advertisements touting WASL as a test of “basic skills” are a good example of the false information that the Partnership for Learning is providing to parents and the general public. In order to arm parents with correct information and inform them of their rights for their children, we must become more efficient at pooling parent and teacher resources and talents.”

    “This step in organizing is a message to the establishment that the voice of parents in the WASL debate is not going away,” says Shelley Anderson, Executive Board Member in Spokane.

    Mothers against WASL calls on all citizens to study the issue of high-stakes testing, review the WASL test, and become aware of the multiple controversies surrounding this assessment.

    Mothers Against WASL will provide information and assistance to citizens throughout the state.

    Mothers Against WASL supports teachers and encourages them to use their right of free speech to share their expert opinions on high-stakes testing in general and the WASL specifically with parents and community members.

    Mothers Against WASL supports local school boards and administrators and encourages them to use their right of free speech to share their expert opinions on high stakes testing in general and the WASL specifically with parents and community members and work to support the positions taken by the American Association of School Administrators, the American Educational
    Research Association, the National Association of School Psychologists and others, against the use of high-stakes testing.


    We Stand for Homeschooling

    The website explains how the government is encroaching on homeschooling through a whole array of ploys such as charter homeschools, cyber-charters, and much more. This site provides opportunity for the community at large to add their names in support of the many families who want to choose homeschooling, free from the government regulation and other requirements that come with taxpayer funding.


    Where the Blog has No Name

    This is Wayne Ross's blog:
    E. Wayne Ross
    Curriculum Studies
    U of British Columbia
    Email: wayne.ross@ubc.ca

    It covers many topics besides education reform: Democracy, Labor, Media, Testing, History, Corporate University.


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