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Questions Everybody Should Ask Reid Lyon

As a point of information: Reid Lyon is Chief, Child Development and Behavior Branch, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health. He has been invited by the International Reading Association as a featured speaker at their spring conference in Reno. If you'd like to read his 'bomb colleges of education' remarks, see:


Susan Harman's memo to the International Reading Assocation can be found at:

Questions Everybody Should Ask Reid Lyon

1. Outside of blowing them up what else would you like to do to teachers' collleges and teacher educators?

2. What is the effect of context on the pretty brain pictures you like to show audiences?

3. What role did you play in selecting the 13 people nominated by President Bush for the advisory board on educational research?

4. Do you see any conflict of interest in Sally Shaywitz, Joseph Torgeson and others being appointed and also being NICHD grantees who
depend on you for funding?

5. How many state NCLB proposals were written by Moats, Carnine, Kameenui, andother associated with th University of Oregon? Do you see any conflict of interest if those states also choose commericial programs and tests co-authored by those people.?

6. How does the black list work that assures that none of the wrong people, ideas or institutions are included in any NCLB proposals?

7. Why did you personally interfere in the New York City Schools decisions about which phonics programs they would use?

8. What measures have you taken to assure that NCLB mandates and features do not harm any student? What actions are in place to support and care for students who show they have been harmed by NCLB?

This is a beginning-

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