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In Pursuit of the Dollar, Professional Organizations Have lost Their Core

by Susan Ohanian

NCTE, IRA, and NCTE are in a race to see which organization can suck up more to the Common Core Curriculum Standards and testing.

Here is the latest mailing from IRA:



Our fall catalog is now available online and is chock-full of the research-based professional learning resources that are important to you. The digital catalog includes great new books, trusted bestsellers, and titles by your favorite authors.

To make your shopping experience seamless, we've added Common Core and Response to Intervention icons throughout the catalog to help you identify books that will help you meet those challenges. There is also an interactive shopping cart that will allow you to purchase items while browsing the digital catalog. . . . [emphasis is in the original]

And so on.

For all its hoopla in offering online professional development in the Common Core, NCTE still bills its publications as 21st Century Literacies. Sounds almost old-fashioned.

I admit I laughed out loud when I looked at the
contents of Writing Workshop Kit, priced at $76.95 for members. I thought, "How curiously out-of-dates it is that NCTE is selling online lesson plans for Writing Alternative Plots for Robert C. OĂ¢€™Brien's Z for Zachariah.

Then I note that this webpage hasn't been updated for more than a year. Clearly NCTE did not recognize the tsunami of the Common Core arrival. They were too busy selling pricey Common Core Virtual conferences.

You can find the "sell" for the Common core on the NCTM sit here. I already screamed about the sickening e-mail NCTM sent promoting their upcoming conference in Atlantic City.

All three organizations exhibit extreme opportunism, with no thought to the needs of children or to teacher professionalism.

Warning: Trying to download the pdf file of NCTM's catalog will freeze your computer. I tried twice.

— Susan Ohanian




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