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The White House Road to Wall Street Wealth and Power...

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by Susan Ohanian, who votes in every election but admits that the last major party candidate she voted for was Jimmy Carter

In a Salon.com piece titled "Can OWS be turned into a Democratic Party movement," Glenn Greenwald describes disreputable Center for American Progress John Podesta's attempt to organize (and coopt) Occupy Wallstreet protests across the country. Greenwald also offers this reminder to those with short political memories:

Rahm Emanuel "earned" $18 million in three years in the private sector. Sure. When Rahm Emanuel -- who had made $16 million in three years as an investment banker after leaving the Clinton White House -- left as ObamaĆ¢€™s Chief of Staff to run for Mayor of Chicago, Obama chose as his replacement Bill Daley, who at the time was serving as JP Morgan's Midwest Chairman and a director of Boeing. Shortly after Obama's star director of Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, left the administration, he became a top executive at Citigroup. The DCCC, recently headed by Emanuel and now feigning support for the protests, is characterized by little other than a strategy of supporting corporatist, Wall-Street-revering "Blue Dog" Democrats as a way of consolidating power.

Greenwald details other Obama appointees and asks the rhetorical question, "Does CAP and the DCCC really believe that most of the protesters are motivated -- or can be motivated -- to turn themselves into a get-out-the-vote machine for ObamaĆ¢€™s re-election and the empowerment of Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party?

Greenwald nails the issue: "As Naomi Klein explained after speaking to the protesters, the reason they are out on the street rather than working for the DNC or OFA is precisely because they concluded that electoral politics or working for either party will not address the issues motivating them; part of what theyĆ¢€™re protesting is the Democratic Party."

Do you get it, NEA? Get it, AFT?

A question more and more former Obama fans are asking: Is he now a war criminal? Part of what we're protesting is the Democratic Party. Don't blame the Republicans for Race to the Top and the Common Core State Curriculum Standards and Assessments. The Obama/Duncan mandate is the natural heir of the Bill Clinton/Business Roundtable machinations started in the late 1980ies.

Listen up: No more free pass in the voting booth, Democrats. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more.

— Susan Ohanian





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