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Some reactions to NCTE President Keith Gilyard Talks about NCTE and Common Core Standards

NCTE President Keith Gillyard's letter is an insult and an outrage. You can read it here

I retweeted Steve's offerings and added a couple of my own:

  • #NCTE says it 'supports teachers & teams as they make their own prof. decisions.' HaHaHa. Prof decisions are now made by David Coleman

  • True: #NCTE has 'not endorsed' CCSS. Is indifference acceptable? NCTE new book series & online PD sanctifes CCSS dominance

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    by Stephen Krashen

    A slightly expanded version of some recent skrashen tweets.

    1. Critics of NCTE policy referred to as "some bloggers and commentators" by NCTE president include leaders of the field, former NCTE presidents, and winners of NCTE awards.

    2. "We stand opposed to any initiative or standards that would reduce educational opportunity or equity in our schools through top-down, one-size-fits-all implementation programs." This is what the LEARN Act does. Why does NCTE support it? Have NCTE officials read it?

    3. The NCTE president says NCTE does not endorse national standards/tests, but the NCTE publication, the Council Chronicle presents article after article praising them.

    4.The NCTE President says that a poll showed that 59% of NCTE members polled were optimistic about the potential influence of standards. Details, please. What were the actual questions, how was the sampling done?

    5.The NCTE president: We do not "suppress other viewpoints." If thisis so, why has NCTE done its best to prevent its members from voting on our resolutions calling for non-support of the standards and tests? Why has NCTE staff censored the NCTE connected community with no recourse?

    — Stephen Krashen




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