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MUST watch!!!

Ohanian Comment: If you're like me, when someone recommends a video, you often don't get around to watching it. But a New Mexico teacher whose opinion I highly value sent this link to me, so I immediately watched the video of the Ireland Teacher of the Year acceptance speech.


First, you will find out that Ireland teachers in Ireland face the same 'workers by/in/for a Global Economy' crap that US teachers face.

The difference is that this teacher of the year speaks out. She speaks out with intelligence, with dignity, with passion, with anger.

Quite a contrast to the US Teacher of the Year corporatized pablum. I couldn't find any "acceptance speech," but here is the April 2012 interview on CBS, where Teacher of Year says she teaches skills for global workers.

Of course the U. S. Teacher of the Year program is sponsored by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSS), the group that received tons of money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to bring us the Common Core State [sic] Standards.

2011 $9,388,911
2011 $743,331
2011 $289,899
2010 $64,628
2009 $3,185,750
2009 $9,961,842
2007 $21,642,316
2005 $201,312
2004 $25,000,000
2003 $249,000
2002 $25,000

Watch Evelyn O'Connor, Ireland's Teacher of the Year. You will be glad you did.

You will be angry, but it is righteous anger.

Here is Evelyn O'Connor's response to enthusiastic comments on Cooperative Catalyst:

Thanks for the lovely comments, I've never been very good at keeping quiet in the face of mindless stupidity :-) I think we have a chance in Ireland to go the route Finland took so successfully in the 1990's. Teaching is still a popular career choice here but as the status of the profession erodes so too will the quality of our education. Right now we have a retention rate of 92% who complete high school, one of the highest in the world. It would be so sad to see this compromised.

Lessons From Ireland: Rebel with an Educational Cause

Posted by pamelamoran

Evelyn O'Connor, Ireland's recently honored 2012 Secondary Teacher of the Year, says one of her own high school teachers once told her that it's okay to be a rebel.

Now, Ms. O'Connor, rebel with an educational cause, speaks out against the tyranny of a system designed to strip schools of dedicated teachers in the name of its austerity program. It's a program that replaces "non-permanent" teachers who often choose to teach in specific areas of the country with "permanent" teachers who are transferred willy-nilly around the countryside as their own teaching positions are eliminated by the government's Department of Education . Evelyn O'Connor is one such extraordinary, dedicated "non-permanent" teacher who is about to lose her career as a County Mayo educator despite the fact that she teaches in what she calls home because she thinks she can make a difference there.

— Evelyn O'Connor
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