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Teachers Unions Go to Bat for Sexual Predators

Ohanian Comment: I debated over whether to post this outrage--finally decided to just go with the opener. Readers at the Wall Street Journal offered comments along the lines of "Teachers unions should be outlawed! They are an impediment to the advancement of civilization" and arguing over who's worse--public school teachers or Catholic priests, but there was one good comment.

A note indicates that Ms. Brown, a former news reporter and anchor at CNN and NBC, recently testified on this issue before the New York governor's Education Reform Commission.

Reader Comment: Even by the dubious standards of Campbell Brown, this was a particularly odious column. It pretty much drips with absolute hatred, stereotyping and mendacity.

Shame on Campbell Brown, and for the WSJ for publishing something as deceptive as this ugly screed.

Is "Teacher Hatred" the new goal for the WSJ. I've read much better things about convicts. Seriously. You guys are sick. You really are.

by Campbell Brown

By resisting almost any change aimed at improving our public schools, teachers unions have become a ripe target for reformers across the ideological spectrum. Even Hollywood, famously sympathetic to organized labor, has turned on unions with the documentary "Waiting for 'Superman'" (2010) and a feature film, "Won't Back Down," to be released later this year. But perhaps most damaging to the unions' credibility is their position on sexual misconduct involving teachers and students in New York schools, which is even causing union members to begin to lose faith. . .

For the rest of this screed, go to the url below

— Campbell Brown
Wall Street Journal





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