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New York State Education Department & Pearson Hold Hands to Call the Shots

You can see the infamous letter here. You won't want to miss the joint letterhead and joined-at-the-hip co-signers.

by Fred Smith

Another offensive and, to me, inappropriate action by the New York Stated Education Department (SED) and Pearson--memorializing the fact that SED and Pearson are jointly calling the shots in testing and test-related business. Letter dated March 2013 -- don't know when school/principals received it. Co-signed by SED and Pearson under dual letterhead.

Bold and arrogant enough for you? To have this in-your-face partnership so out in the open.

Equally important, SED fails to advise or direct the 3,600 principals involved to inform parents about the coming June stand-alone field tests. Not an accident. SED neglected to offer notification last June when it sprung field tests on parents and children. Why?

Because they're afraid parents wouldn't go along with useless June field tests. So they act covertly within the cloud of fear and silence they have created around the exams, and they treat parents and the public with contempt. Another signal of how the public is being taken out of public education--which has become a field of schemes for private profiteers like Pearson.

It's just more evidence of the imperious way that SED and Pearson continue to operate. The formula: Keep parents in the dark--Let SED and Pearson run their game--Don't provide any real transparency--Shell out money to Pearson--Tell everyone they're building another great testing program.

Fred Smith, a testing specialist and consultant, retired as an administrative analyst for the New York City public schools. He is a member of Change the Stakes, a parent advocacy group.

— Fred Smith





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