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A Teacher Looks a Gift Horse in the Mouth

From: Stossel in the Classroom [mailto:info@stosselclassroom.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2013 2:52 PM
To: Black, Sean
Subject: Special Offer for Educators

Dear Educator,

We'd like to send you our totally-free DVD (even shipping and handling is free) for use in your classroom. Our 2014 Edition Free DVD is 47-minutes long and includes eight segments from John Stossel television programs (listed below), chosen and edited specifically for the classroom.

To supplement your 2014 Edition video segments, we also provide you with a FREE downloadable and printable Teacher Guide (available in English and Spanish) with suggested lesson plans, discussion topics, worksheets, and activities! The guides are included on the DVD, as well as being available on our Teacher's Guides page to download.

Our teachers tell us that our videos really liven up classroom discussion and that their students love our videos. Here are the video segments on this year's free DVD:

- College Tuition and Campus Luxuries
- Product Liability Lawsuits: Who Gets Burned?
- High Speed Rail: Boondocks & Boondoggles
- The Fracking Debate
- Food Nannies: Who Decides What You Eat?
- Entrepreneurs: Doing Good by Doing Well
- The Psychology Behind Political Campaigns
- Taxi Licensing: Are We Being Taken for a Ride?

To order your free DVD or to get more information, including segment descriptions, click here:

Feel free to forward this email to other teachers who might appreciate this opportunity.

John Stossel

Dear John,

Why would any public school teacher accept your "free DVD (even shipping and handling is free) for use in your classroom?" You have been complicit in the assault on public education and public school teachers. Furthermore, from what I can infer from the titles of the segments, you are pushing a corporate/capitalist upon students whose biggest threat to their future is a corporate/capitalist system that encouraging public education policies that will lead the United States away from being the land of opportunity to the land of economic apartheid. Therefore, you can take your free DVD and your "journalistic integrity" and shove them up your ass!


Sean Michael Black, M. A., Ed. S.

— Sean Black to John Stossel
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