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Arne in the News: Look at Choice He Makes

Education In the News This Week

Public school teachers marched in Seattle to protest the Gates Foundation's education policies.

Teachers gathered in New Orleans at a conference put on by former KIPP and Teach for America executives.

Guess where Arne spoke? Well, not in person. Arne spoke in an online video for the Leading Educators conference. He said, "Across the country we must do a better job of leveraging the teaching talents within our nation's classrooms." Blah Blah Blah.

the action of a lever, a rigid bar that pivots about one point and that is used to move an object at a second point by a force applied at a third.

Ah yes, teachers are well acquainted with being leveraged. Duncan had the nerve to say, ""No one wants to stay in a job where they feel unsupported or unable to advance in the profession and still do what they love."

Of course he accepted no responsibility for heading the agenda that makes teachers know they are "unsupported" and even attacked.

Reader Comment: I am laughing so hard I can hardly breathe. Arne needs a new memory chip. And does Arne hear what is coming out of his mouth?

Arne himself seems very disassociated from the words he's uttering. It's a weird presentation. Even for Arne.

Of course what interested me is who funds this group. I'm highlighting only one--just to give you an idea.

Lead Investors

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Absolute Return for Kids (US)

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

They fund KIPP and lots of other charter schools, Stand for Children, Teach for America, Education Reform Now, and other disreputable causes
I can't resist noting that this foundation awarded $1,110,676 to Aldine Education Foundation, 2012 -- 2015.
Aldine School District received the 2009 Broad Prize for Urban Education. They also banned my website in their schools.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

NewSchools Venture Fund

Teaching Leaders (UK)

Booth Bricker Fund

Capital One

Chevron Humankind

Entergy Corp

Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Greater New Orleans Foundation

Hall Family Foundation

New Schools for New Orleans

J.P. Morgan Chase

Mary Freeman Wisdom Foundation

Patrick F. Taylor Foundation

Pro Bono Publico Foundation

RosaMary Foundation

Take a look at the abbreviated job histories of the leaders putting on the conference where Arne chose to speak.

Leading Educators Team

Jonas S. Chartock, Chief Executive Officer

Formerly Executive Director, the Charter Schools Institute of the State University of New York; Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the Charter School Policy Institute (CSPI) in Austin, Texas and as Executive Director of Teach For America in Houston, Texas. Jonas began his career as a teacher with Teach For America.

Chong-Hao Fu, Chief Program Officer

Formerly led KIPP Sharpstown College Prep, a fine arts middle school in Houston, Texas; teacher with the original KIPP Academy in Houston and with Teach For America in the Mississippi Delta.

Nikki Diamantes, Vice President, Strategic Growth

Nikki transitioned from business management consulting to education management through the Broad Residency in Urban Education; began her career as a political appointee for Governor Michael O. Leavitt of Utah, where she worked as a policy and budget advisor. She holds a Master of Public Administration from Syracuse University, and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership.

Kelly McClure, Vice President, Fellowship

Formerly regional Director of Academics KIPP New Orleans; Co-Founder and Director of Boston University's America Reads Challenge.

Cordelia Tullous, Vice President, Talent and Human Capital

Formerly Director of Human Resources KIPP New Orleans Schools; began her career in education management as a Resident in the Broad Residency in Urban Education

Matt Bradford, Director of Information Systems

Formerly KIPP Houston.

Liz Garcia, Director of Coaching

Formerly team lead and instructional coach for a K-4 campus in Central Texas.

Sarah Bullock Morgan, Strategic Support Initiatives (SSI) Program Manager

Formerly KIPP Houston Public Schools; Teach For AmericaĂ¢€™s 2007 Houston corps.

The ultimate player, Arne is definitely on Team KIPP.

— Susan Ohanian




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