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New Idea from US Department of Ed: Rebrand the Teacher

by Susan Ohanian

Every week, the US Department of Education sends out an e-mail newsletter: The Teacher's Edition. The issue from 7/24/2014 has a little item that seems to be going Colbert with teacheryism.


Tweet Your Favorite Teacher Synonym

Two teachers attending NNSTOY national conference this month, Megan Allen and Taryl Hansen, are working on a campaign to re-brand the title teacher with a term that explores more of the complexity of our work.

Hansen, a famous sketch-noting artist in her own right, created the logo shown at right based on something she heard Arne Duncan say at the conference. She and Allen are inviting other educators to join them @azk12 and @redhdteacher by Tweeting their ideas using the hashtag #rebrandteaching.

They plan to illustrate some of the ideas and contribute to the national conversation about what it means to be a teacher.

As someone who has regarded the word teacher as sufficient and honorable for decades, I'm offended.

Here's the first illlustration: Instead of "teacher" call that person working with first graders "nation builder"--and you will further embed in everybody the notion pushed by our corporatized politicos that teachers are responsible for the economy.

Here are two ideas this US Department of Education has generated. Replace teacher with Youth Development Engineer and Miner of Potential.


Here's what I put up on Twitter:
I say to #rebrandteaching: Go away.
Teacher Teacher Teacher
Teacher Teacher Teacher
Teacher Teacher Teacher
Teacher Teacher Teacher
Beware of people who think teachers aren't good enough--in name and in practice.

— Susan Ohanian




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