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Justice Department Sues Surgeon for Fraud; Department of Ed Awards $20 Million Grant to Conflict of Interest

The US Justice Department is suing a surgeon for fraud. Meanwhile, the US Department of Education continues to award huge grants to parties found guilty of conflict of interest.

by Susan Ohanian

When I read the Wall Street Journal headline Justice Department Sues Surgeon Aria Sabit Over Spinal Operations Suit Alleges Defrauded Medicare, I immediately thought of these headlines:

Reading Recovery Asks Inspector General for Investigation


Reading First Program Ignored Apparent Conflicts of Interest, IG Says


Special Report: Reading First Under Fire: IG Targets Conflicts of Interest, Limits on Local Control


When Research Goes to Market, Is It a Good Thing for Education?


Bush Profiteers collect billions from NCLB, Part 10


Four Officials Profited From Publishers, Report Finds

The list could go on and on. Put "Sharon Vaughn" into a search on this site for the short list.

Of course the Justice Department didn't sue anybody about the above conflict of interest. All parties continued in the ed whiz biz as usual. And one of the parties, Sharon Vaughn, accused of "conflict of interest" by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, and Labor, is named as Principal Investigator in the University of Texas Austen College of Education receipt of a $20 million grant from IES. Remember: IES, is part of the US Department of Education. You can read the grant description: Understanding Malleable Cognitive Processes and Integrated Comprehension Interventions for Grades 7-12

Of course $20 million is only money. The real scandal is what Vaughn is part of--acting as an agent of Pearson in destroying the education of first graders. Read what's being done to them in New York City.

Put Vaughn's name in to a search at IES and see all the grants.

Justice Department Sues Surgeon Aria Sabit Over Spinal Operations
Suit Alleges Surgeon and Network of Implant Distributorships Defrauded Medicare

By John Carreyrou

The Justice Department sued a neurosurgeon and the operators of a network of doctor-owned implant distributorships, alleging they defrauded Medicare of millions of dollars with unnecessary spinal surgeries.

The neurosurgeon, Dr. Aria Sabit, and the distributorship network, Reliance Medical Systems LLC, were the subject of a 2013 Page One article in The Wall Street Journal detailing that Dr. Sabit profited from implants he used in dozens of surgeries at a California hospital, some with tragic outcomes.

Dr. Sabit declined to comment for that article, and his lawyer didn't respond to inquiries Tuesday on the government suit. Patric Hooper, an attorney representing Reliance and its founders, said his clients "did absolutely nothing wrong" and added: "We are going to defend this thing aggressively."

The government built the civil case using cooperating witnesses wearing wires. . . .

You can find the rest of the story Here.

— Susan Ohanian




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