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Effects of Parent Triggers

Ohanian Note: The US Department of Education sent this out on June 11, 2015, in their weekly communication, The Teachers Edition.

Our tax dollars at work.

I'm not bothering to comment on any of this. Just ask yourself: Why is the US Department of Education promoting this?

Taking a Second Look
Effects of Parent Triggers

by the US Department of Education

Several stories emerged recently examining the effects of the parent trigger laws in California. Critics had argued that the parent triggers were a front for efforts to expand charter schools and private interests in education. What's actually happening is that parents are using the law to create incentives for schools and districts to improve.

Andrew Rotherham (Eduwonk)writes, "One of the leaders of it told me that it was the threat of the trigger and empowerment of parents that would prove to be the real leverage point rather than actual usage of it." (US DOE provides this much along with a hot link to the rest of the piece--which turns out to be just a link back to the Iasevoli piece, which the US DOE also recommends.)

Check out other articles by Brenda Iasevoli (Hechinger) and Travis Pillow (redefinED blog).

Ohanian Note: Brenda Iasevoli career path:
Teach for America
Time for Kids editor
Freelance writer

Travis Pillow describes himself at Twitter: Chronicling all things school choice in Florida for @RedefinEDonline and @StepUp4Students

Andrew Rotherham, now co-founder of Belwether Education Partners, has a long history in ed deform. He is also the executive editor of Real Clear Education, part of the Real Clear Politics websites, a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report, writes the blog Eduwonk.com, and is the co-publisher of "Education Insider," a federal policy analysis tool produced by Whiteboard Advisors. He was Clinton's Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy.

I'll ask again: Why is the US Department of Education promoting this?

— US Department of Education
The Teachers Edition




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