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Separation of School & State Joins with Southern Baptists to Bring Down Public Schools

Advoctes for school choice see an opportunity: Join with Southern Baptists to wreak havoc on public schools--in the hopes that will bring vouchers.

A message to distribute to your School Choice friends

There's more than one way to have choice in education, and to end federal interference in local schools.

Millions of parents are already doing it. They're pulling their children out of government schools and sending them to private schools, or educating them at home. Every parent who does this wins a victory for quality education, and the cause of privatized schooling.

Every child removed from government schools lowers the tax burden and establishes one more reason for the federal government (and perhaps government at all levels) to get out of the education business. We think these are compelling reasons for everyone who favors school choice to do everything they can to encourage parents to leave the government school system.

If this sounds right to you, then consider this:

Do you want an organization representing 16 million Americans to pass a resolution calling on their members to remove their children from government schools? The Southern Baptist Convention may vote on just such a resolution next week.

This could have a dramatic impact on the cause of school choice, and not just by removing more children from government schools. It could also increase the pressure on the federal government to reduce or end its interference in local schools, and provide incentives for other market-based changes at the state and local level.

It could also spark a national debate. The Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, WorldNetDaily, The Washington Times, The O'Reilly Factor, and several other news outlets have already scheduled interviews with the sponsors of this resolution. And vastly more attention would undoubtedly result if the Southern Baptists actually pass a “get the kids out” resolution this weekend, or at some time in the future.

If you're not a Southern Baptist, or a Protestant, or even a Christian, you may think this has nothing to do with you, but it does.

• For one thing, you probably know people who are Southern Baptists, or
• People who belong to other denominations or even secular organizations that might be interested in passing a similar resolution in the future in their group.

This could be an important new front in the fight for educational choice. Religious and denominational differences should not divide us in our common desire to expand school choice… end federal interference in local schools… privatize education… and provide educational quality for our children.

We urge you to visit
learn about this Southern Baptist resolution, tell others about it, especially Evangelicals and any Southern Baptists you know, and sign up for the GetTheKidsOut email list to follow the progress of this new approach.

Then, please pass this message on to others you know who would like to reduce the power of teacher's unions, bureaucrats, and politicians.



Marshall Fritz
Interim Director, GetTheKidsOut.org
President, HonestEd.com
(Alliance for the Separation of School & State)
Fresno, CA

— Marshall Fritz
Alliance for the Separation of School & State





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