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Educators Call for Commissioner Mills to Step Down

Note: Two hundred kids at a Rochester City Honors school took the New York Math A exam. No one passed. This is not a misprint. NO ONE PASSED! The School of the ARTS had 12 kids pass out of the same number taking it.

Fairport Superintendent William Cala issued the following notice:

While final statistics are not yet available (and will most likely be buried by the State Education Department, as they did for one year on the June 2002 Physics' exam), it appears that no more than 30% of the kids taking the exam passed. These results are not relegated to the inner city. Suburban districts had similar results. Most wealthy suburban districts scores were in the high 20 to 30% passing range.

Many of the kids taking this exam across the state are seniors who will not graduate as a result of this unfair exam and corrupt system (see Michael Winerip, March 12, 2002 NY TIMES).

Also, this past week the Regents Physics exam was given. Could it have been worse than last year's fraudulent scoring scam? One wouldn't think so, but yes, it was worse. This year it looks like about 50% of the kids will pass it. Physics is taken by the top 30% of the kids in the state. Last year, 57% of the kids passed (these scores were never made public. SED release passing rates excluding NYC which drastically brought down the passing rate).


We will be making the following demands on Tuesday, June 24.

1. That the MATH A exam be eliminated as a requirement for current seniors and that their grade be calculated on the 4 quarter marking period average.
2. That the MATH A exam be re-scaled immediately for all remaining students who wrote the exam this past week.
3. That the Physics exam be re-scaled immediately by a scale that aligns with the scaling for Regents Earth Science and Living Environment (Biology).
4. That the commissioner of education Richard Mills step down immediately.
5. That the board of regents be removed legislatively.
6. We will be (hopefully) announcing legal action against the state on Tuesday, seeking an injunction, preventing the failure of seniors based on the Math A results.

Keep abreast of the action on Bill's website:


For an account of the Math A exam in 3 papers, see:





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