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Look at What Reading First Is Up To

NOTE: This letter went out to all of the teacher ed. programs in Washington State. Reading experts from around the country observe that the Moats method provides training that's an inch thin, not including quality comprehension strategies, solid vocabulary development, the development of background knowledge, or ELL strategies.

Who else has received such letters?
What should higher ed people do? Here are some suggestions.

  • Find out if your state Reading Initiative includes requirements for higher education to teach specific skills and strategies of reading

  • Send this "invitation" to to every member of the House and Senate Education Committee

  • Contact local media

  • Contact key national education journalists

  • Enlist the support and collaboration of school district superintendents

  • Contact NCTE and IRA, asking them to break their silence.

  • Educators in Washington state should write, e.mail, fax, and/or call Dr. Terry Bergeson, Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction, explaining their thoughts about
    this issue.

    Sample [partial] price list: 34 products are listed

  • LETRS Interactive CD Series: Understanding the Spelling System of English
    Author: Louisa Moats EdD; Mary Ellen Cummings MEd; Linda Farrell MBA
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $119.00

  • LETRS Module 1 Presenter's Kit CD-ROM
    Author: Carol Tolman EdD and Louisa Moats EdD
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $35.00

  • LETRS Interactive CD Series: Early Reading Assessment With DIBELS®
    Author: Louisa Moats EdD
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $119.00

  • LETRS Module 10: Reading Big Words
    Author: Louisa Moats EdD; Mary Ellen Cummings MEd; Linda Farrell MBA
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $19.95

  • LETRS Interactive CD Series: Teaching Phonics and Word Study
    Author: Louisa Moats EdD
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $119.00

  • LETRS Presenter’s Edition (Book One, Book Two, Book Three)
    Author: Louisa Moats EdD
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $119.00 each

  • LETRS Interactive CD Series: The Speech Sounds of English
    Author: Louisa Moats EdD
    Grade: PreK - 12
    Price: $119.00

  • An Invitation

    To: Our Higher Education Colleagues

    From: State Superintendent Terry Bergeson

    The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is strongly committed to the goal of helping schools provide exceptional and effective reading instruction to every student in Washington State. This can only be achieved with a collaborative partnership between the
    state agency responsible for K-12 education and the faculty in the Washington teacher preparation institutions. After a careful analysis of the most current professional development content in literacy available, OSPI has initiated work with Dr. Louisa Moats and
    colleagues in providing trainings to teachers, specialists, reading coaches, and administrators in the Language Essential for Teaching of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) material. To learn more about LETRS visit http://www.letrs.com .

    As experts in teacher preparation, we want to collaborate with you so that together we can
    align our expectations for teachers in Washington State who are charged with the reading achievement of all students.

    With this in mind, we invite you to attend a one-day seminar conducted by the primary author of LETRS, Dr. Louisa Moats, who will provide an overview of LETRS content. Dr. Moats will be available to discuss how this content may be used in preparation programs, as well as our coordinated efforts in implementing the K-12 Reading Model as part of the Washington State Reading Initiative (WSRI). Please visit

    to review the K-12 Reading Model.

    This invitation is open to all higher education faculty involved in teaching reading methods courses, and faculty who support literacy
    development and supervision. Deans and Department Chairs of teacher preparation programs are also invited and encouraged to attend.

    OSPI/Higher Education Collaboration Seminar

    Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2005
    Time: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Location: SeaTac Doubletree Hotel (18740 International Blvd.,
    SeaTac, WA 98188, 1-206-246-8600,
    Expenses: This meeting is sponsored by Reading First as part of the Washington State Reading Initiative. Reading First will pay all
    related expenses—travel, lodging, and meals.
    Space is limited to 100 participants.
    To reserve your space, email Rena McMurry, Reading First Secretary,

    Contact Lexie Domaradzki, Reading First Administrator, 360-725-6248 or
    Arlene Hett, Director of Professional Education and Certification,

    — Dr. Terry Bergeson, Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction




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