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Innovations in American Government Award

Ohanian Comment: It is just hard to see the Army Game, documented on this site 1 1/2 years ago, as a great government innovation. Unless opportunism and innovation are synonymous. We can hope that maybe at some point the folks at Harvard will explain themselves.

Top 50 Government Innovations for 2006

For Immediate Release

Contact: Anne Singer
(202) 728-0418

Fifty Programs Compete for Good Government “Oscar” From Harvard

WASHINGTON , DC —The Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University 's John F. Kennedy School of Government—in cooperation with the Council for Excellence in Government—today announced the Top 50 Government Innovations for 2006 .

The successful programs range from a U.S. Military Academy video game to a pollution prevention program in Hawaii . . . from an on-line job matching service in Texas to a vehicle-sharing program in Philadelphia . . . and from an economic development strategy for Native American tribes to a special reading program for juvenile offenders in Wisconsin . Exemplifying the most innovative, creative and results-oriented efforts in government today, these programs are making a real and significant difference in the lives of countless Americans.

These public-sector programs are now semifinalists for the Innovations in American Government Awards—considered the “Oscars” of government—and are eligible to win one of seven $100,000 grants.

The selection committee chose the Top 50 programs, representing governments at the federal, tribal, state, county and city levels, for their: novelty and creativity, effectiveness at addressing significant issues and problems and ability to be replicated by other jurisdictions. The programs represent governments' best efforts in the areas of education and training, criminal justice and public safety, economic and community development, housing, health and social services, management, transportation, public works and environment.

Of the Top 50 programs named today, 21 are state-run efforts, 13 are federal initiatives (including three from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and one run by a tribal government. Seven county programs, seven city programs and two school districts are also among those chosen. There are five from or within Pennsylvania , and three programs from or within both Washington State and Wisconsin . Other states with multiple honors include: Arkansas , Florida , Illinois , Indiana , Massachusetts and New York (all with two each).

Eighteen finalists, chosen from among the 50, will be announced on May 4 during Public Service Recognition Week. The National Selection Committee on Innovation in American Government will then select five winners in addition to two special awards: the Annie E. Casey Foundation Innovations Award for Children and Family Services, and the Fannie Mae Foundation Award for Innovation in Affordable Housing. These seven recipients of $100,000 awards will be announced on July 10 at a ceremony in Washington , DC .

The Innovations in American Government Award—now in its 19 th year—is a program of the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University 's Kennedy School of Government. It is administered in partnership with the Council for Excellence in Government.

Descriptions and contact information for all Top 50 Government Innovations for 2006 is attached. This information is also available at www.ashinstitute.harvard.edu or www.excelgov.org


America's Army Game
United States Army
The America's Army game is a virtual online experiences that has revolutionized the way Americans learn about, and potentially prepare for, Army career opportunities.

Contact: Lori Mezoff
Phone: (301) 879-9030
Email: lori.mezoff@us.army.mil
Website: http://www.americasarmy.com

Command & Control Intelligence Coordination Center
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
The Command & Control Intelligence Coordination Center (CCICC) has become the premier focus within the San Diego Area of Operations for conducting 24/7 intelligence operations. The spatial decisions support system utilized by this center was established by fusing daily operational information with intelligence to provide actionable real-time intelligence, timely dissemination of essential information and critical solutions management.

Contact: Daniel Isenberg
Phone: (619) 216-4038
Email: daniel.isenberg@dhs.gov

Distributed Learning System - e-Learning
United States Army
Army e-Learning, a component of the Distributed Learning System (DLS), provides Web-based training courses to 1.4 million Soldiers and civilians worldwide. The online curriculum includes 2,600 courses in IT, foreign languages, business, leadership and professional development, and is available anytime, anywhere and at no cost.

Contact: Meggan Kring
Phone: (757) 369-2886
Email: meggan.kring@us.army.mil
Website: www.dls.army.mil

EMPLoyment, Education and Outreach (EMPLEO)
U.S. Department of Labor

EMPLEO helps Hispanic low-wage workers in Southern California understand and exercise their rights within the workplace, regardless of their citizenship status. EMPLEO is the product of a unique consortium of federal, state, interfaith, private and international organizations.

Contact: Priscilla Garcia
Phone: (626) 966-0478 Ext. 225
Email: Garcia.priscilla@dol.gov

Environmental Compliance Data Web Site
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The Environmental Compliance Data Web Site provides the public with access to extensive information about environmental compliance records of more than 800,000 regulated facilities.

Contact: Dave Ryan
Phone: (202) 564-7827
Email: ryan.dave@epa.gov
Website: www.epa.gov/echo/

eRulemaking Initiative
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
eRulemaking promotes e-democracy and opens the door to the Federal rulemaking process by placing hundreds of regulations and supporting documents that impact daily life at the American public's fingertips.

Contact: Suzanne Ackerman
Phone: (202) 564-7819
Email: ackerman.suzanne@epa.gov
Website: www.Regulations.gov

Explorer Schools
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NASA's Explorer Schools Program establishes a three-year partnership with school teams of teachers and administrators in diverse, underserved communities nationwide to revitalize mathematics, science and technology education to inspire students.

Contact: Peggy Steffen
Phone: (202) 358-0516
Email: psteffen@nasa.gov
Website: http://explorerschools.nasa.gov

Grass Roots Conservation Program
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Grassroots Conservation Program works to conserve fish and wildlife habitats and threatened biological systems in the Blackfoot Watershed through cooperative, community-based partnerships.

Contact: Greg Neudecker
Phone: (406) 727-7400 x27
Email: Greg_Neudecker@fws.gov
Website: www. montanapartners.fws.gov/mt5d.htm

Health Information Technology
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
The Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture includes an electronic health record that organizes and presents all relevant patient data to directly support clinical decision-making, improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs and staff requirements.

Contact: Jonathan Perlin
Phone: (202) 273-5781
Email: Jonathan.Perlin@va.gov
Website: www.va.gov

High-Risk Program: Fighting Waste, Promoting Transformation
U. S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
GAO's High-Risk Program biennial reports have brought much-needed attention to long-standing federal management problems to better serve the American people and saved billions of dollars.

Contact: Paul Anderson
Phone: (202) 512-4800
Email: andersonp1@gao.gov
Website: www.gao.gov

National Environmental Performance Track
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Environmental Performance Track recognizes facilities that go beyond what is required by law, works with communities and achieves results that protect the environment and public health.

Contact: Kristinn Vazquez
Phone: (202) 566-1171
Email: Vazquez.Kristinn@epamail.epa.gov
Website: www.epa.gov/performancetrack

New Alliance Task Force
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The New Alliance Task Force helps unbanked individuals access mainstream banking services (including low-cost remittance products) avoid high-cost and/or predatory financial service providers.

Contact: David Barr
Phone: (202) 898-6992
Email: dbarr@FDIC.GOV
Website: www.fdic.gov

Video Claims Taking
Social Security Administration
The Video Claims Taking program links the Social Security Administration on a broadband channel to rural communities that allow face-to-face contact between applicants for benefits and claims representatives.

Contact: Roberta Mattingly
Phone: (301) 844-5690
Email: bobbie.mattingly@ssa.gov


Intertribal Economic Development
Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation
The Intertribal Economic Development program has established a multi-tribal organization to create jobs on impoverished reservations to create multi-tribal businesses, raise capital, promote employee development and attract private sector mentors.

Contact: Richard Mayer
Phone: (701) 627-4781
Email: Rmayer@MHANation.com
Website: www.nativejobs.org


Antenatal & Neonatal Guidelines, Education & Learning System (ANGELS)
State of Arkansas
ANGELS, with collaborators University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Medicaid, Arkansas Medical Society, and Arkansas' physicians, uses telemedicine, a 24-hour Call Center and evidence-based guidelines to improve obstetrical healthcare.

Contact: Dr. Curtis Lowery
Phone: (501) 686-5847
Email: lowerycurtisl@uams.edu
Website: www.uams.edu/angels

Water Conservation Board
Union County , AR
Union County 's Water Conservation Board created a project to address the rapidly depleting Sparta aquifer, the county's only source of industrial and drinking water. The effort raised $65 million by taxing residents to conserve the aquifer and provides an abundant supply of water for current and future needs.

Contact: Cindy Woolsey
Phone: (870) 862-1244
Email: cwoolsey@arkansas.net
Website: www.ucwcb.org


Five-Year Affordable Housing Production
City of San Jose , CA
The City of San Jose created more than 6,000 new affordable housing units in five years, providing long-term affordability for low- and moderate-income families in one of the nation's most expensive cities.

Contact: Rebecca Flores
Phone: (408) 535-8242
Email: rebecca.flores@sanjoseca.gov
Website: www.sjhousing.org


Supportive Housing Pilots Initiative
State of Connecticut
The Supportive Housing Initiative is a cooperative effort of five state agencies, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, philanthropy and the nonprofit communities to reduce chronic homelessness. This effort has collected $35 million state investment that has leveraged nearly $30 million from the private sector.

Contact: Anne Foley
Email: anne.foley@po.state.ct.us


Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit
Metroploitian Police Department
By eliminating artificial boundaries (both geographical and political), the D.C. Police Department's Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit is the first in the nation to redefine “community policing” by coupling community outreach with traditional crime fighting.

Contact: Brett Parsons
Phone: ( 202) 727- 5427
Email: brett.parson@dc.gov
Website: http://mpdc.dc.gov/about/units


Urban Academies Program
School Board of Broward County , FL
The Urban Academies of Broward County is a public-private partnership that impacts retention of teachers in predominantly poor, minority schools by “growing” its own teachers.

Contact: Sara Rogers
Phone: (754) 323-2115
Email: sara.rogers@browardschools.com
Website: www.whitesapphire.net/tlc/content/programs-index.htm

Educator Preparation Institutes
Florida Community College System
Educator Preparation Institutes prepare non-education bachelor's degree holders for certification as highly qualified teachers and is the model for Florida 's response to a shortage of 30,000 teachers.

Contact: Dr. Henri Sue Bynum
Phone: (772)462-7505
Email: hbynum@ircc.edu
Website: www.ircc.edu/portal/layout_web1.aspx?AdminEdit=False&PortalPageID=573


Pollution Prevention Produces Power
State of Hawaii
Fourteen entities cooperate to divert to a power plant discarded fishnet which damaged reefs, killed mammals and burdened landfills. The diversion fuels 42 homes annually.

Contact: Howard Wiig
Phone: (808) 587-3811
Email: hwiig@dbedt.hawaii.gov
Website: www.hawaii.gov/dbedt/info/energy/waste


City of Chicago , IL
CLEARPath is the Chicago Police Department's web site that empowers the community with maps, news releases, safety alerts, wanted offenders and more.

Contact: Monique Bond
Phone: 312-745-6110
Email: monique.bond@chicagopolice.org
Website: www.ChicagoPolice.org

Generations of Hope
State of Illinois
The Generations of Hope program is a planned intergenerational community for foster and adopted children, their parents and retirees or “grandparents.” The program fulfills the retirees need for purpose and provides adoptive parents with needed support.

Contact: Brenda Eheart
Phone: (217) 893-4673
Email: contact@generationsofhope.org
Website: www.generationsofhope.org


Chronic Disease Management Program
State of Indiana
Chronic Disease Management Program offers Hoosiers with diabetes, asthma, chronic heart failure and hypertension critical information, support and education so they can take control of their conditions and lead healthier, more independent lives.

Contact: Katie Holeman-Shipp
Phone: (317) 234-3804
Email: Katie.Holeman-shipp@fssa.in.gov
Website: www.indianacdmprogram.com

Mayor's Charter Schools Initiative
City of Indianapolis
The Mayor of Indianapolis is the nation's only mayor who can grant charters and oversee schools. He is creating a sector of new public schools under a nationally recognized accountability system that is uniquely rigorous and transparent.

Contact: David Harris
Phone: (317) 327-4930
Email: daharris@indygov.org
Website: www.indygov.org/eGov/Mayor/Education/Charter/home.htm


Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
State of Maryland
The Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Act established a $30 annual wastewater system users' fee to finance projects to remove excess nutrients from wastewater treatment plants, septic systems and cropland.

Contact: Julie Oberg
Phone: (410) 537-3003
Email: joberg@mde.state.md.us
Website: www.mde.state.md.us


MassHealth Senior Care Options Demonstration
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
MassHealth Senior Care Options (SCO) is a unique Medicare-Medicaid partnership offering seniors a 24/7 coordinated health care benefit which combines medical, preventive and community support services.

Contact: William Clark
Phone: 410-786-1484
Email: William.Clark@cms.hhs.gov
Website: www.mass.gov/masshealth

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Teaming is a groundbreaking child welfare practice which addresses the issue of front line social worker isolation. The program reduces isolation by creating teams with shared responsibility for families.

Contact: Mia Alvarado
Phone: (617) 748-2360
Email: mia.alvarado@state.ma.us
Website: www.dsskids.org


Dirigo Health Reform
State of Maine
The Comprehensive Dirigo Health Reform initiative addresses the triple threat of rising costs, inconsistent quality and increasingly unaffordable health coverage to assure all Mainers are healthy and have coverage.

Contact: Patricia Riley
Phone: (207) 624-7442
Email: Trish.Riley@maine.gov
Website: www.dirigohealth.maine.gov


Land Bank
Genesee County , MI

The Land Bank acquires land through foreclosure and determines the best use of the land with the community's needs in mind, rather than simply selling to the highest bidder. It has cleaned thousands of properties and created a mechanism to utilize land to support redevelopment opportunities for affordable housing and Smart Growth.

Contact: The Honorable Daniel Kildee
Phone: (810) 257-3024
Email: dkildee@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.thelandbank.org


Promising Practices Network
State of Missouri
The Promising Practices Network is a website designed for states that provides quality, evidence-based information about what works to improve the lives of children, youth and families.

Contact: William Dent
Phone: (573) 526-3581
Email: bill.dent@dss.mo.gov
Website: www.promisingpractices.net


City of New York , NY
HomeBase is a community-based program helping shift the homeless services model in New York City away from a focus on shelter to a focus on actually preventing homelessness.

Contact: Holly Humphrey
Phone: (212) 361-7971
Email: hhumphre@dhs.nyc.gov
Website: www.nyc.gov/html/dhs/html/atrisk/hombase.shmtl

Sustainable Water Program
Orange County , NY
The Sustainable Water Program engages municipalities and community agencies in a proactive, holistic effort to manage and protect the county's water. The program coordinates efforts county-wide for new supply sources, wastewater treatment, conservation, aquifer recharge, source protection and stream water quality.

Contact: David Church
Phone: (845) 291- 2318
Email: dchurch@co.orange.ny.us


Health Alliance
Cabarrus County , NC
The Cabarrus County Health Department significantly increased its capacity to provide public health services by separating from county government to become a public health authority. As a result, the county has seen significant improvements in health.

Contact: Dr. William Pilkington
Phone: (704) 920-1203
Email: ppilkington@cabarrushealth.org
Website: www.cabarrushealth.org


Multnomah County , OR
Orgeonhelps.org is a Multnomah County website that saves citizens' time by allowing them to confidentially check their eligibility for 27 Oregon social service programs in one visit.

Contact: Mike Beard
Phone: (503) 988-5273
Email: mike.beard@co.multnomah.or.us


Adoption and Legal Services Project
Allegheny County , PA
Adoption and Legal Services Project is a public-private partnership of the court, a county agency and a private law firm to eliminate a backlog in foster care adoptions.

Contact: Karen Blumen
Phone: (412) 350-5707
Email: kblumen@dhs.county.allegheny.pa.us
Website: www.county.allegheny.pa.us/dhs/CYFnew/alsp.htm

Community Action Team
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The Community Action Team (CAT) expedites funding for high-impact redevelopment projects by breaking down bureaucratic roadblocks and packaging resources of multiple agencies. CAT represents a radical shift in the state's approach from a passive application review process to a model based on meaningful state “engagement” in all phases of project development.

Contact: Larry Segal
Phone: (717) 780-4020
Email: lsegal@phfa.org
Website: www.newpa.com

Fresh Food Financing Initiative
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The Fresh Food Financing Initiative is a public-private financing program that provides innovative financing solutions to supermarket operators in underserved communities to improve access to healthly and affordable food.

Contact: David Adler
Phone: (215) 568-0830 x120
Email: dadler@thefoodtrust.org
Website: www.thefoodtrust.org

Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program is a loan program to prevent widespread mortgage foreclosure and distress sales of homes which result from default caused by circumstances beyond a homeowner's control.

Contact: Robert Bobincheck
Phone: (717) 780-1801
Email: bbobincheck@phfa.org
Website: http:// www.phfa.org/consumers/homeowners/hemap.aspx

Municipal Automated Vehicle Sharing Program
City of Philadelphia , PA
Philadelphia is the first government in North America to share cars with local residents as part of a major fleet reduction program. This project eliminated 330 vehicles, saving $1.7 million annually, without sacrificing employees' ability to accomplish city business.

Contact: Jeffrey Friedman
Phone: (215) 760-1197
Email: friedman19129@mac.com
Website: www.phillycarshare.org


Business One Stop
State of South Carolina
Business One Stop is a comprehensive “one-stop” gateway for business registration, licensing and permits incorporating federal, state and local government services within South Carolina . It has issued more than 12,000 licenses, permits and registrations saving businesses approximately $1.3 million.

Contact: Michael Garon
Phone: (803) 898-5586
Email: garonm@sctax.org
Website: www.scbos.com


State of Texas
WorkInTexas.com is an online job-search tool developed by the Texas Workforce Commission to match employers of all sizes and industries with qualified job candidates. Employers can efficiently access candidates across the state, which reduces recruitment and screening costs.

Contact: Larry Jones
Phone: (512) 463-8556
Email: larry.jones@twc.state.tx.us
Website: www.WorkInTexas.com


Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
State of Vermont
The Vermont Housing and Conservation Board provides loans and grants for the development of perpetually affordable housing and to conserve agricultural and recreational land, natural areas and historic properties.

Contact: Gus Seelig
Phone: (802) 828-3251
Email: gseelig@vhcb.org
Website: www.vhcb.org


Coming Home Program
State of Washington
The Coming Home program, operated by the state's long-term care agency, is a public-private partnership to develop affordable assisted living facilities in difficult-to-develop rural areas, providing housing and services to low-income seniors and adults with disabilities.

Contact: George Zimmerman
Phone: (360) 725-2534
Email: zimmegm@dshs.wa.gov
Website: www.ncbdc.org

eCityGov Alliance 2006
City of Mercer Island , WA
eCityGov Alliance web portals erase barriers across silos of government service and deliver best business practices between departments and across jurisdictional boundaries. Citizens, businesses and jurisdictions all work together to save time and money.

Contact: John Backman
Phone: (425) 452-7821
Email: jbackman@ci.bellevue.wa.us
Website: www.eCityGov.net

Outcomes Initiative
State of Washington
The Outcomes Initiative is a collaborative effort across nine public and private funded human service organizations that goes beyond the traditional accountability model to measure the impact, or outcomes of services, in order to gauge program effectiveness.

Contact: Julie Grevstad
Phone: (253) 798-4845
Email: jgrevst@co.pierce.wa.us


Green Tier
State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin 's voluntary Green Tier program creates co-benefits for regulated and unregulated entities (businesses, communities, trade associations, etc.) aspiring to differentiate themselves by systematically delivering superior environmental performance.

Contact: Mark McDermid
Phone: (608) 267-3125
Email: mark.mcdermid@dnr.state.wi.us
Website: www.greentier.wi.gov

Juvenile Detention Reading Program
Brown County , WI
The Reading Connections Program at the Brown County Juvenile Detention Center rapidly advances reading levels among confined youth, increasing opportunity to break the cycle of incarceration. The program improves self-esteem and behaviors in the facility and the community.

Contact: Captain John Jadin
Phone: (920) 391-6806
Email: jadin_jm@co.brown.wwi.us

Teacher Cooperative Schools
Milwaukee Public Schools , WI
Entrepreneurial educators in Milwaukee Public Schools have formed "teacher cooperatives," where they own their own professional practice. They get unprecedented authority over operations in exchange for accepting responsibility for results.

Contact: Danny Goldberg
Phone: (414) 218-4873
Email: dgoldberg1@wi.rr.com
Website: www.milwaukee.k12.wi.us

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Ash Institute for Democractic Governce & Innovation at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government





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