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Weep for Our Profession: The Corporate Politicos Are Killing It

Ohanian Comment: An experienced, professionally active, and very well-respected teacher shares what happened to a third grader during state testing. It is so devastating that I really can't see the monitor for the tears. I get myself calmed down, but when I try to type, the tears start again. In one of my lives, I was a third grade teacher. I feel this child's agony in my bones.

This longtime teacher and I weep for the destruction of a third grader and for the destruction of our profession. This teacher and I are also very very angry.

Scene: Wake County Schools, one of the 20 largest districts in the U. S.

On the 3rd and final day of NCLB testing, one child starting crying during the test, and so I gently invited her to move to the rear of the classroom where she could sit by herself and have more space with fewer possible distractions. She progressively became more distraught, and refused to read or complete any further test items even though she was less than halfway finished.

Minutes later, the young student lay on the floor in a fetal position, sucking her thumb, crying while asking for her mom to come get her because "it (the test) was too hard."

What in the name of NCLB's inane standards are we doing to our children!! Where will this

I once heard a lecturer say that FEAR really is an acronym standing for False Education Appearing Real. Well, AMEN to that, my friends.

I sit here tonight weeping and paralyzed by grief. I never thought I would see this day. I really didn't.

NOTE: The teacher has been informed that a parttime teacher is being hired to help raise scores.

— North Carolina teacher




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