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Improving Student Academic Achievement and Closing Achievement Gaps: Bringing Improvement to Scale at All Grade Levels

Ohanian Comment:Below are a few snippets from a nasty little plan for California will spread across the country. In polite circles, it is called alignment. In other circles what it's called is unprintable. These snippets are from a summary of a plan to expand curricula regimentation in K12 and the universities, especially the California State University System--where much of that work is already done-- by the faculty. The huge outrage is that California professors of education maintain their silence about this. More than that, they participate. California State University and University of California presidents and deans are reviewing this plan to align College of Education curricula with NCLB revisions, and then later the entire undergrad programs with the College of Education alignment.

Although it is just California that is highlighted here, you can bet your bippi that this is going on across the country. Just take a look at all the editorials calling for a system of tests to check up on what university professors are actually teaching their students.

You've been warned about Just for Kids before: What You Need to Know About Just For Kids and Who's Backing It

For starters, in the past Just for Kids has partnered with the Broad Foundation and McGraw-Hill. Back in 2003, we learned:

States will be able to comply with the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) data-reporting requirements and offer parents a glimpse at comparative data for schools across each state, under a new joint initiative by the Education Department (ED), the Broad Foundation, Standard & Poor's and Just For Kids. . . .

Go to the url below and read the entire document. It is a Power Point document. It is depressing.

by Just for Kids--California and California Business for Education Excellence Foundation

The key starting point in improving California's public schools is data.
Since our kids can't wait years and because by its own admission, the CDE is years and tens of millions of dollars away from building a data syste.
CBEE has partnered with Just for the Kids-CA

Just for the Kids-California
Built and paid for by the CA Business community at no cost to government or schools . . . .

Data must be used to find and implement best practices. We find schools that look just like yours and then connect you to them to learn from their proven strategies

Here are a few key components:

  • Ensure the Use of Scientifically Based, Evidence-Based Programs, Practices, and Arrangements in every Classroom.

  • Define and Unpack
    "Specific Academic Objectives by Grade and
    Subject" and by "Assure Teaching Content"

  • Aligned Professional Development:
    Heavily aligned to standards and to chosen instructional resources

  • Assure the Use of Scientifically Based, Evidence-Based Programs, Practices, and Arrangements in every Classroom

  • What Can We Do?
    Form "Teaching Hospital" partnerships with high performers

  • — Just for Kids--California and California Business for Education Excellence
    Power Point Program





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