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Leave No Corporate CEO Behind

John Castellani's mug has been all over TV for the last several days. He's the president of the Business Roundtable.

Back when the Business Roundtable was riding high in 1989, flush with Reagan era hot air, the big company CEO's met for an education summit in Charlottesville, Virginia. They came down from the mountaintop
and announced to the world that they would transform America's public schools.

Who could have imagined that less than twenty years later these same men would appear on their knees, hat in hand, to desperately plead with every public school teacher, parent and student to give them $3,000 as their share of a $700 billion public bailout. Goodness, what happened to their vaunted business model? Somehow these proponents of data driven education have no idea what their collateralized debt obligations (CDO's) and structured investment vehicles (SIV's) are worth. Most shockingly, the poster boys for accountability who pranced around with their noses in the air chanting "no excuses" over the battered minds and bodies of poor children, now beg for sympathy and want to be rescued by their victims!

Public school teachers, parents and students our time under these sanctimonious, hypocritical blowhards is over! They have forfeited their right to any influence in our schools and in our lives. Mail your No. 2 pencils
to the Business Roundtable, swords into plowshares, standardized tests into poetry contests.

Long live Douglas Avella!

— Paul A. Moore, Miami Carol City High School




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