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The No Child Left Behind Standardized Test

Chapter 42

In compliance with the President's recent educational initiatives, teachers using this volume as a textbook are encouraged to "teach to the test. " The practice questions below are the questions that will appear on the test
and determine whether your school will receive federal, state, and local funding. In accordance to the Texas model, please ensure that your lowest performing students have dropped out prior to the test date.


1. In the No Child Left Behind Act, Congress authorized a $5.6 billion increase in Title One spending for low-income children. However, President Bush budgeted only $1 billion for Title One. If Title One calls for $2,800
per poverty-level student, how many children are left behind?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 7
d. 1,643,857

2. In the No Child Left Behind Act, Congress authorized an expansion of transportation and other support services to an additional 130,000
homeless children. Instead of an increase, the President's budget froze funding for the homeless education program. Because of inflation, this meant 8,000 fewer homeless children could be served than in the previous year. Assuming there is no increase in homelessness this Year. how many homeless children are left behind?

a. 0
b. 8
c. 13
d. 138,000

3. In the No Child Left Behind Act, Congress authorized increased funding to help school districts meet the mandate that all teachers in core academic subjects be "highly qualified" by the end of the 2005-2006 school year. By
freezing funding for the Teacher Quality State Grant Program, the Bush budget trains 92,000 fewer teachers than were promised by the act.
Assuming each teacher teaches four classes a day of twenty-five students each, and
does guidance counseling for eight additional students, how many children are left behind?

a. 0
b. 25
c. 33
d. 9,936,000

4. There are seventy-two million children in the United States. If George leaves 1,643,857 children behind by cutting Title One program, and leaves 138,000 children behind by freezing spending for homeless education programs, and leaves 9,936,000 by slashing teacher training, what percentage of America's children has George left behind?

a. 0%
b. 1.63%
c. 16.3%
d. 163%


1. Teddy agreed to throw his support behind the No Child Left Behind Act because George had promised to fully____ it. When George presented his budget,Teddy felt____.
Which pair of words best fills in the blanks?

a. undermine; excited
b. comprehend; appreciative
c. transcribe; Betsy
d. fund; betrayed

2. George W. Bush said, "Education is my top priority," he was being ...

a. mendacious
b. rebarbative
c. risible
d. all of the above

3. Sometimes in life, it is okay to tell a little __________, but you
should always avoid. __________.
Which pair best fills in the blanks?

a. white lie to the American people; getting caught
b. story that tugs at the heartstrings; being mawkish
c. joke to lighten the mood; running with
d. kid that you're going to fund his education; following through

4. Correct the punctuation in the following sentence: "George W. Bush is the President who, in God's name, will protect our children."

a. The sentence is correct.
b. George W. Bush is the President who in God's name will protect our children.
c. George W. Bush is the President. Who, in God's name, will protect our children?
d. George W. Bush is the President. Who, in God's name, will protect our children?!

— Al Franken
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right




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