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YOU Can Make a Difference

Frightening stories of the federal and state governments trying to control the curriculula in our classrooms are on the rise--from pre-school to college courses. I wish I could convince all these angry and dispirited people--and everybody who cares about our public schools--to take a $50 risk and become a sponsor of our Songs of Resistance CD.

Don't you think we need some in your face songs for teachers, parents, and students to sing--raising our voices in unison across the country?

For every $50 you contribute, you will receive 5 CDs. These CDs will be sold to the public for $15 each. Part of our money-raising effort is to raise enough money for a massive PR campaign with the CDs.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of resistance history. Teachers and parents acting together can and must take back our schools.

We must stop waiting for politicians or the courts to do the right thing.

We must stop cowering in silence.

Instead, let's stand up and sing. We want to provide the songs that will help teachers and parents sing loudly and with one voice.

Make your check for $50, $100 or any multiples of fifty out to Wisconsing and send it to:

Cap Lee
P.O. Box 1776
Milwaukee WI 53201-1776

E-Mail Caplee@wi.rr.com.

Do it today! Let our voices be heard.

Musicians are ready with lyrics and music.We need production funds.

Join the resistance.

Songs of Resistance




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