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Don't Get Left Behind: Sponsor a Revolution

End the Silence. Sponsor Songs of Resistance

We need your help!

You need to speak up. Silence kills. Join other teachers and parents from around the country in song.

We're raising money to finance the production of a CD: Songs of Resistance. A $50 sponsorship will get you five copies of this musical CD. When we go into production, the CDs will sell for $15. All proceeds going to The World of Opportunity in Birmingham, Alabama.

We will flood the media with these CDs. We will get out the word that teachers and parents are as mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more.

We have a collection of songs--from simple resistance songs using familiar tunes and lyrics special to NCLB to story telling songs that clearly make their point.

Imagine a group standing up at a board meeting and singing: If the schools they are crumbling, test the kids; if Congress it is bumbling, test the kids. . . .

Don't miss this chance to be a part of resistance history.

Help us spread the word of resistance through song.

Send checks for $50 (or more, if you can manage it) made out to Wisconsing:
Cap Lee
P.O. Box 1776
Milwaukee WI 53201-1776

E-Mail Caplee@wi.rr.com

Your CDs, 5 for each $50, will be sent as soon as we raise the money to produce the CDs.
If $50 is a hardship, send $25, and we'll send you two CDs. If you can afford $100, we'll send you ten. The important thing is that you join us in Songs of Resistance.

Here's one song on the CD (Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands")

Test The Kids

If you cannot find Osama, test the kids.
If the market hurt your Mama, test the kids.
If the CEOs are liars
Putting schools on funeral pyres,
Screaming, "Vouchers we desire!"
Test the kids.

If you have no health insurance, test the kids.
Your retirement’s a game of chance? Test the kids.
If the GPA ain’t growin’
And corporate greed ain’t slowin’
And White House con is flowin’
Test the kids.

If third graders go up in smoke, test the kids.
Reading First a pig in a poke? Test the kids.
If first graders are upchucking
While Standardistos sit yuck yucking
And Rod Paige is pass-the-bucking.
Test the kids.

No Child Left Behind? Test the kids.
No teacher left unmaligned? Test the kids
To hell with children’s stories
Bush says that’s momento mori
Direct Instruction is hunky dory.
Test the kids.

If your schools they are crumbling, test the kids.
And the Congress it is bumbling, test the kids. CEOs want competition.
And public school demolition.
They’re on a hunting expedition.
Test the kids.

— Susan Ohanian



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