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Three Must-See Short Videos

Ohanian Comment:"Iamcompucomp" has three new videos. They all videos deserve a lot of attention--just for the fun of it-- and then serious comment about their message.

Right now, we have over 1,000,000 "Inactivist Man" teachers out there, clinging to their jobs, hoping things will get better. What will it take to get them up on their feet resisting?

  • Resisting Bill Gates

  • Resisting Arne Duncan

  • Resiting the Common Core Standards

  • Resisting the LEARN Act

  • Or continuing with business as usual, figuring, like Inactivist Man, that "good teachers" will be safe.

    Your choice.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/iamcompucomp#p/a/u/1/HArx7XZ14lM"> Teacher Inactivist Man: Straight Commission

    Teacher Inactivist Man takes on Arne Duncan's plan to put teachers on commission for test scores and students future incomes.

    from the film

    Won't you at least sign the petition?

    No. . . we are lucky to have employment of any kind. . . If we do our job well, we should be able to educate our way to a better economy. . . The time for inaction is now.

  • Teacher Inactivist Man: Witch Hunt

    From the film

    I am a good teacher so I'm not really worried about Bill Gates' witch hunt for bad teachers.

  • 21st Century Skills

  • NOTE: The "Strategic Council Members" of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills includes representatives from the following corporations: Adobe, Pearson, Apple, Cable in the Classroom, Cengage Learning, Cisco Systems, Dell, Education Testing Service, Hewlett Packard, Intelî Corporation, LEGO Group, McGraw-Hill, Measured Progress, MHz Networks, Microsoft Corporation, National Academy Foundation, National Education Association, netTrekker, Oracle Education Foundation, PMI Educational Foundation, Verizon, Walt Disney Company.

    From the film:

    Digital literacy is now an embedded expectation for all learning systems thanks to corporate lobbying and sponsored research on behalf of the compucomp corporation.

    Wouldn't their research be kind of biased?

    Not in the least. They are a registered charity.

    But aren't all these super rich technology corporations just using their donations to push policies that will create demand for more technology in the classroom?

    How dare you question philanthropy? You talk as of you thought the rich only cared about making more money.

    They do. They are just using all their tax sheltered profits to pressure politicians into a vision of the future that requires endless technology.

    Teachers should stay out of politics. Decisions about education are best made by politicians and those with the money to influence them. Don't you have lessons be preparing?

    Not really, my classes are now so automated that my job is just to enter assessment data and ensure the kids don't unplug anything.

    You sound as though you aren't excited about your new role as an usher into the knowledge economy.

  • Pass these videos on.

  • Strike up a conversation with the "Inactivist Man" in your school.

  • Go unplug something.

  • — iamcompucomp




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