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Influence Peddling: Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI)

Ohanian Comment: Even though superintendents being paid as "consultants" to meet with vendors is an old story, it is well worth exploring the updated vendors' list. And more. Vendors pay big bucks to meet with superintendents from large districts.

Take a look at the vendors who are exerting all matter of sales pitches for test prep, for data management, for delivering solutions, solutions, solutions. I didn't bother to provide hot links for outfits such as Minute Maid and Coke. But I didn't leave many out. The sites are well worth exploring--to see what they have in mind for schools. For example, did you know about the Microsoft Certified Partner Program? And the Gold Certified? Spend some time exploring that site. And then think about Bill Gates vulture philanthropic meddling in school policy, bringing us such outrage as the Common Core Standards and Assessments. Think about the Common Core as you click on the hot links below. Nearly every vendor promises to deliver Common Core solutions. Blackboard, Inc. went public in 2004. It wasn't until 2009 that Michael Chasen made his first political contribution, $5,000 to the Blackboard Political Action Committee. In August 2010, he donated $1,000 to Friends of George Miller Congressional campaign. At the time, Miller was chair of the House Education Committee. Chasen also gave $5,000 to the Blackboard PAC. Here are some of the company's priorities in selecting recipients:

* Demonstration of a firm commitment to education and the belief that every child deserves access to a high quality complete and competitive education * Understanding of the vital role technology plays in educating and training America�s students and workers * Position on Congressional Committees relevant to education and technology * Voting record or stated position on specific issues of interest to the company, its employees, its clients and end users- students and faculty * Location of company employees and/or facilities in the candidate�s state or district * Financial need and chances of being elected
Blackboard contributions were small potatoes. Here are some other donors to Miller's 4009-10 campaign: ITT Educational Services: $19,950 Apollo Group, $17,250 Princeton Review, $12,000 Miller received $128,061 from donors labeled as being in the education sector. Here are a few other items of interest:
  • Peter Arnstein of Micrcosoft contributed $387,975 to Democrats; 0 to Republicans. Here are some other heavy htters from Microsoft.
  • Take a look at Cisco 2010 political campaign donations. Of course, all this is small potatoes compared with the fine levied against the school choice group, All Children Matter, that pumped millions of dollars into helping get its candidates elected in Ohio, Wisconsin. In March 2011, the Associated Press reported the group has yet to pay a record $5.2 million fine imposed three years ago by Ohio election officials, according to the state attorney general. And then there's Stand for Children which jumped into Illinois politics as the best funded political action committee (PAC) in the state, having gone from zero to more than $3 million in its coffers. . . all to influence legislators on changing teacher tenure and evaluation. Members of the famed billionaire Pritzker family kicked in a total of $250,000 to Stand for Children.

    And so on and so on. So much to investigate, so little time.

    How ERDI Works For You ERDI exists to allow educational leaders the opportunity to influence the development, refinement and delivery of the products and services entering the educational setting in the USA so that those products and services can best meet the needs of children.

    We are grateful to our corporate partners who are committed to excellence in education and ERDI is proud to work with them in that pursuit. Here are some of our many corporate partners we have served...

    A+ Choice Solutions, Inc [dead link]
    Advanced Academics, Inc
    AdvancePath Academics
    Alert Now
    America's Choice
    America Online (AOL)
    Apple Computer
    Assured Indoor Air Quality
    AXA Financial
    Bank of America
    Baragar Systems
    Breakfast Breaks
    C Innovations [bad link]
    Capella University
    Carnegie Learning
    Carson-Dellosa School Divisione [hot link provided listed as "untrusted"]
    Catapult Learning
    CDI Computers
    Celt Corp. [Gates Grant] another Gates Grant
    Chancery Software
    Change Forward [no hot link given]
    Classroom Connect [Houghton Mifflin]
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Cognite Concepts [Honest: This is the right link.]
    Columbia University
    Compass Learning
    Cool Conversations
    CORE K12 Education [not who you think it is. This outfit used to be K-12 Services Division of The Princeton Review]
    CSC Learning
    Curriculum Associates
    Dell Computer
    Demco, Inc.
    Discovery Education
    Durham School Services
    Dynamic Technology Systems
    DynaVox Mayer Johnson
    East Side Entrees
    Educate Online [has an esylvan.com url that won't load]
    Education 2020
    Education Networks of America
    Educational Resources/Sunburst
    Educational Services of America
    Educational Tools
    Education Systems
    Edusoft [Riverside Publishing]
    EduTrax Elevate Learning
    Energy Education
    ESC Region 4 [a school district selling materials to help bubble kids get those needed few points.]
    eSchool Solutions
    Evans Newton Inc.
    Executive Intelligence
    Front Row
    Fourier Systems, Inc.
    The Futures Health Core
    Global Connect
    Go know
    The Great Books Foundation
    Harcourt Achieve
    Harcourt Assessment
    Hewlett Packard
    Holt, Rinehart and Winston
    The Hope Foundation NOTE: Willard Daggert is an available speaker
    Horace Mann
    HOSTS Learning
    Hot Math
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Look at what they own and you'll see why no matter how independent you think you are, you're part of a giant squid.
    HUMANeX Ventures
    I Can Learn
    iLearn, Inc.
    Impact Education
    Interactive Speech Solutions [bad link] International Software Solutions
    JigSaw Learning
    Johnson Controls
    Junior Achievement
    Online High School
    K12 Insight
    Kaplan Learning
    Kelly Services
    Larson Learning
    Laurus Strategies
    LeapFrog School
    Learning Enhancement
    Learning Together
    Lesson Lab
    Lightspeed Technologies Inc.
    Literacy First Process [site no longer works]
    LJ Create
    Major Saver Fundraising [inoperative]
    Marriott [go to the link given and you get 'find a hotel.']
    The McGraw-Hill Companies [one of their headlines is white paper they wrote that NY Times featured.]
    The Menta Group
    Morgan Stanley
    The National Institute for School Leadership (NISL)
    National Training Network Inc. (Algebraic Thinking)
    Newton Learning/Edison Schools [Edison Learning]
    Northwest Evaluation Association
    NOVA Southeastern University
    NTI Group [now Blackboard Connect Inc]
    Open Text
    PBS TeacherLine
    Pearson Achievement Solutions
    Pearson Assessments
    Pearson Curriculum
    Pearson Digital
    Pearson Foundation
    Pearson K-12
    Pearson School Systems
    People's Publishing
    Performance Fact
    Performance Matters
    Pitsco Star Academy
    PowerSchool [another Pearson company]
    Premier Agendas
    Princeton Review
    ProActive School [Note the Microsoft partnership ]
    Proctor & Gamble
    Project Seed Inc.
    Psychological Software Solutions
    Rehab Choice
    Riverside Publishing Company
    RM Education
    The Safe Side
    SAFARI Montage
    Saxon Publishers (Rigby)[Houghton Mifflin]
    S.C. Johnson
    School Specialty
    School District Online
    School Messenger
    School Town
    Scientific Learning
    Smart Technologies
    Smart Thinking
    Socratic Learning
    Sodexho School Services
    Spectrum [a Microsoft Gold Partner]
    Sound Reading Solutions
    Steck Vaughn [Houghton Mifflin]
    Strategic Listening Institute [bad link]
    Sun Microsystems
    Sylvan Learning
    Teach First
    Teacher's Pal
    Texas Instruments
    TH(i)NK Ed
    Thomson Gale
    Triumph Learning
    TRW Inc [Maybe you can figure out why they're here.]
    Vigilant Technologies.
    Voyager Expanded Learning Inc.
    Walsworth Publishing
    Wide World at Harvard
    Xerox Global Services

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