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LAUSD Teacher Librarians Being Treated as Though We Have no Ability to Teach

NOTE: This is how teacher librarians with 22 years of service--and more--are treated by Los Angeles' new superintendent John Deasy.

"LA is lucky to have him," Arne Duncan in the Los Angeles Times, Jan. 10, 2011.

by Joan Kramer


LAUSD RIFd 87 teacher librarians and is not allowing us to return to the classroom as teachers. The district deems us unqualified to teach because we have been out of the traditional classroom and have not taught in our primary credential for one year out of the last five.

An obscure ruling from the 1960s involving a college professor is being used as legal basis for this case. All teacher librarians should be aware of what is transpiring in LA right now. It may affect you either negatively or positively in the near future depending on the judge's ruling.

We have appealed this as capricious and without foundation. Every day for the last week TLs have been subjected to a degrading grilling on the witness stand by LAUSD lawyers to defend and prove we are teachers. And we, in our opinion, are doing an exemplary job.

We were asked to provide evidence; lesson plans, rubrics, tests, attendance rosters of students, proof of parent conferences, rollbooks -- all related to our primary credential.

LAUSD lawyers quit trying to trip us up with technology questions because it showed us to be so competent, much to their surprise and dismay.

LAUSD LAWYER: "Do you know what Animoto is?"

TL: "Yes, its an online video slideshow. You can import a choice of music too."

LAUSD lawyers asked:

  • Did you prepare this lesson for today?
    Were you instructed or coached to create this lesson?

  • Do you know what PowerPoint is?

  • Can you teach it?

  • When have you used it to teach English?

  • Did you grade the students work?

  • Explain how you graded students for the English assignment?

  • Did you submit the grades for the report card?

  • Do you submit grades for service workers? (Trick--they are no longer legal --correct answer is "I submit grades for Library Practice students".)

  • You said you teach in all subject areas. Do you teach chemistry in the library? (To an English primary credentialed TL.)

  • And so on. Its an effort to get rid of us and our high salaries. They are challenging that we teach at all in the library, especially in our primary credential at least 75% of the time.

    I have been attending the hearings to support my friends who are being humiliated. All the years of work and sacrifice and now they are being kicked out entirely. This is the first year this has happened in Los Angeles -- always our district seniority counted. Suddenly -- with the advent of Sleazy Deasy it no longer does. And it only is being applied to TLs -- not to administrators or anyone else.

    — Joan Kramer




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