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    CHS Minimum Writing Requirements in ALL Classes

    Ohanian Comment: Not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, I've chosen laughter.

    Tee hee.

    A sentence must be a complete thought and must include a subject (s) and a verb (v).

    NOT Γ’€“ when the door opened
    YES Γ’€“ The fierce Wildcat growled.

    A sentence must begin with a capital letter.

    NOT Γ’€“ when the door opened, the fierce Wildcat growled.
    YES Γ’€“ When the door opened, the fierce Wildcat growled.

    A sentence must end with punctuation that matches the purpose of the sentence. Use a Γ’€œ.Γ’€ for a statement or command, a Γ’€œ?Γ’€ for a question, and an Γ’€œ!Γ’€ for an emphatic statement.

    NOT Γ’€“ The Wildcat is a courageous animal
    YES Γ’€“ The Wildcat is a courageous animal.
    Is the Wildcat a courageous animal?
    The Wildcat is a fierce, courageous animal!

    A sentence should not start with the word Γ’€œthere.Γ’€

    NOT Γ’€“ There were four Wildcats sprinting across the field.
    YES Γ’€“ Four Wildcats sprinted across the field.

    A sentence should use vivid verbs and include descriptive words.

    NOT Γ’€“ Wildcats are the best.
    YES Γ’€“ The fierce, courageous Wildcats annihilate their competitors with their cunning ability to decipher the competitionΓ’€™s weaknesses.

    — Clovis High School
    Writing Requirements


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