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    Episode 93: The Battle Against Bad PowerPoint

    Ohanian Comment: "Good PowerPoint" is an oxymoron. Read Edward Tufte: Power Corrupts: PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely.

    In the interview, Bowen points out that lecturing with PowerPoint is worst "content delivery system" in classroom. He's talking about universities but lots of application to public school "content delivery systems." He makes some important points about online learning.

    I recommend this audio presentation because you'll hear this sentence: "The point of college is to teach people how you can learn to change your mind."

    By Jeffrey R. Young

    Everyone's heard horror stories about professors who lecture by reading straight from prepared slides. Jose A. Bowen, a dean at Southern Methodist University, hopes to put an end to such disasters. He talks to the Tech Therapy team about his new book, Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning.

    Links discussed in this episode: The Chronicle's Lecture Fail? Project

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    Each month, The Chronicle's Tech Therapy podcast offers analysis of and advice on what the latest gadgets and buzzwords mean for professors, administrators, and students. Join hosts Jeff Young, The Chronicle's technology editor, and Warren Arbogast, a technology consultant who works with colleges, for a lively discussionĂ¢€”as well as interviews with leading thinkers in technology.

    — Jeffrey R. Young
    Chronicle of Higher Education blog


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