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Refuse All the Tests 2014-15

Posted: 2014-06-25

Ohanian Comment: Schools Matter posted this clip from Peg Robinson's Peg with Pen, June 24, 2014.

This is a manifesto I embrace: Refuse all tests. All. I'd like to see teachers refuse them too. Teachers have to comes to grips with a critical question: Who's more guilty: He who creates an evil or he who uses it?

I think the Powerful are aware of Peg's admonition to the Standardistos: You are in the nosebleed section.

Ask yourself why the Feds are distributing all sorts of military equipment to cities. I mean, do you really think that Vermont needs a 45,000 pound armored vehicle? Or that a SWAT team in Haberseham County Georgia needs flashbang grenades ( to toss in a baby's crib)?

Some city officials are puzzled and alarmed by the militarization of local police forces--SWAT teams with riot gear and full body armor and helmets and assault rifles passed out by Homeland Security (New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management officials reported receiving $28.6 million in federal Homeland Security grants in 2014 alone.)

I wonder if the Feds are preparing for the Revolution. . . have to stop those nosebleeds.

Peg rightly calls for opting "them" out of their money and their power. But I think this goes far beyond Pearson, et al profits. This is all about controlling the public. If parents and teachers managed to bring down an abusive testing system, the general populace might think that they, too, could resist corporate abuse. For example, the people in Detroit might think they have a right to water.

People Power: First the tests, then the nation!

Opt Out!

. . .I am keeping it very simple for the 2014-2015 school year. I have seen the chaos. I have been knocked down many times. And as a result, I have been given the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't work. I get that we all have a role to play, so I am not knocking anyone who chooses a different route. But I'll just say this, refuse the mandates that have been imposed on our children in the form of opt out and watch those legislators wake up. Refuse all the tests -- not just one -- all of them. Watch the politicians listen with intent this time -- watch them ask questions to find out how they might meet YOUR needs. Refuse the mandates that those union leaders agreed to as they took corporate money -- and watch them sway where the power lies - and the power lies with the masses when they opt out of these tests. The power lies in the new leadership we will bring to the forefront as we expose those who negotiate with children's lives. The power lies in our own ability to recognize what is just and good and as we refuse the pitfalls that come with ego driven -- power hungry -- profit mongering individuals who think of themselves first and children last -- if at all. Work towards opt out through your union, your parent group, your neighborhood -- however you can get there, educate and encourage folks to take action.

Be aware that withdrawing from common core and/or common core tests does not mean that your state is withdrawing from lockstep standards and/or high stakes testing. Common core and high stakes testing can take many new names, shapes and forms. Be ready to refuse the clones that arrive.

We don't have a lot of time. We have limited time -- but the window is ours right now. They need the data NOW to get the profit ball rolling at a steady pace. They will do anything necessary to save the common core in order to get the data which will create the profit and allow more data to be crunched, in order to further manage and control children, teachers, and ultimately an entire nation (I won't go into their global goals but believe me -- their plan is all encompassing).They've got a taste of what could be theirs - and they are hungry -- and they'll pretend to care by agreeing to all sorts of strategies to appease us -- as long as the end goal remains the same for them.

My focus this coming school year -- with any individuals I work with -- will be clearly geared towards the opt out home run. But, when we win this victory, make no mistake -- and I mean this clearly directed to those who troll my site -- we know exactly where we are headed and you will not stand in our way. Opt out is just the beginning -- so get ready, sit in the stands and watch -- because in this game, you are a spectator -- and you are in the nosebleed section.

Power to all of you who will do what is just, right and kind for children in 2014-2015.

Opt out and deny them their money, their power.

Run fast to protect the children who are suffering -- and be ready to advocate for what they deserve when the power structure comes toppling down.

This is about the children. Those of us who do not need power or ego have truth and heart on our side. And we are fierce in our strategy and our ability to protect children. . . .

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