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The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House

Posted: 2004-01-20

Dan Piraro, whose Bizarro cartoon has won three consecutive Reuben Awards from the National Cartoonists Society, is the author-illustrator of The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House. It looks like a children's book but definitely has a message for adults. Yes, the message is heavy-handed, but it's also funny. Not to mention true.

Book Excerpt:

This little piggy (Dickey) worked for Nixon.

This little piggy (Rummy) did too. . . .

And after getting into good schools in spite of his low scores, getting out of going to Vietnam, getting excused when he was AWOL from his National Guard unit, and getting off when he was arrested for DUI, this little piggy's daddy gave him a bunch of businesses that lost millions, gave him a Major League baseball team, got him elected governor of a state where he executed more people than anyone in U. S. history, and got him appointed president of the most powerful country on earth. And he went, "WEE, WEE, WEE" all the way to the White House. . .

. "For now let's pretend we know where the Big Bad Wolf's hideout is and bomb the crap out of it!" declared Rummy. "And in the meantime, we'll lock up people who LOOK like him!" . . .

The country seemed satisfied with this for a while so the Three Little Pigs went back to giving the country's bricks to their rich friends and replacing them with mud.

Ohanian Comment: Tell me you've donated to the WOO in Birmingham, AL or to George Schmidt's legal fund in Chicago or that you've become a sponsor of the songs of resistance CD, and I'll tell you how this tale the three greedy pigs ends.

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