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Beyond Statehood: The Vermont Sovereignty Declaration

Posted: 2006-02-23

I am a member of the Second Vermont Republic. I believe that the Green Mountain Manifesto might provide a starting place for thinking about how we are going to take back our public schools.

I am currently working on a document to add a Vermont-specific education component to the manifesto below. Though Vermont-specific it will be applicable to any state that accepts Reading First funds.

The Green Mountain Manifesto

Beyond Statehood: The Vermont Sovereignty Declaration

Recent actions by the United States government including the prosecution of illegal wars, the Patriot Act, the illegal rendition of terrorist suspects, prisoner abuse and torture, citizen surveillance, the suppression of civil liberties, the suspension of habeas corpus, a foreign policy based on full spectrum dominance and imperial overstretch, and a culture of deceit have all given rise to legitimate concern that under circumstances of its own choosing, our government might not rule out

1) the suspension of the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

2) the declaration of martial law,

3) the militarization of civilian police functions,

4) the suspension of free elections,

5) the usurpation of individual property rights, or

6) the negation of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

In light of these troubling developments, the State of Vermont hereby reaffirms

1) its right of sovereignty,

2) its right to nullify acts of the central government deemed to be unconstitutional,

3) its right to secede from the Union, and

4) its right to call a statewide Convention of the People to decide whether or not it remains in the Union.

Vive le Vermont Libre!

Read the full text of the Sovereignty Declaration at http://www.vermontrepublic.org

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