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Church of Scientology and Public Education

Posted: 2008-03-27

This commentary shows, among other things, the connection between Scientology and NCLB.

The Church of Scientology has already infiltrated itself into various government departments using Scientology âreligious technology,â re-packaged for use in the government, business and secular sectors, utilizing front-groups such as Narconon (substance abuse rehabilitation programs), Criminon (prison system) and Narconon Drug Education and Applied Scholastics (public education). Several governmental groups are now re-examining their casual acceptance of such programs. Significantly, in Feb. 2005 the State of California Department of Education (CDE) issued a finding that the Narconon Drug Education Curriculum does NOT meet California Education Standards for science or for best practices in drug education.


This finding has served as justification for many states and several countries to also refuse to use Narconon Drug Education as part of their approved curriculum.

How did this situation, of Narconon Drug Education being introduced into the approved curriculums in American public schools, develop? It developed because, until just the last few years, there was no curriculum review process based on state standards in public education. Now, with state standards in place, curriculums in public education are evaluated against the state standards, which are fairly homogenous across the country. And it also developed because President George W. Bushâs former Secretary of Education (2001-2005) Rod Paigeâs Chief of Staff was Scientologist John Danielson. They are still working together as the Chartwell Education Group.

While Paige was in the Bush cabinet, the federal Department of Education created and implemented the onerous P.L. 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, (now up for re-authorization).


And parts of the requirements for states and districts to comply with NCLB involve Scientology programs.

There are three videos that demonstrate the Scientology participants, including former Secretary of Education Rod Paigeâs Chief of Staff Scientologist John Danielson, discussing using their roles on behalf of Scientology in American public education.

In this first video, at 7:30 minutes in, the narrator discusses Scientologyâs Study Tech and Education, including a section of Secretary of Education Rod Paigeâs Chief of Staff Scientologist John Danielson (at 7:49 minutes in to 8:06 minutes in), stating, as he tells the camera, that he had never heard of âStudy Techâ and how impressed he was with this new information. From 8:06 minutes to the end the narrator discusses NASA, etc., wanting and needing LRH educational work and how Tom Cruise got it into federal programs. Please see: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=1ID2xXzOdyY

The second video is an 8:11 minutes video of David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Scientologyâs Religious Technology Center, bragging (in Jan. 2007) how Scientology successfully worked in 2006 to destroy psychiatry, plus stopping the funding mechanism for mental health services.

Please see: http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=hfu7Sr50N7U

And in the third video, one can see Scientologist John Danielson, retired from his role as the Secretary of Educationâs Chief of Staff, in 2005 brag about using his role to implement legislation against the use of psychotropic drugs with children while in the Bush Administration, from 2001-2005.

Please see: ,


the third video down, about half-way through, and


On the surface this concern about over-medication of children may seem to be a somewhat worthwhile (albeit, controversial) endeavor. But, in fact, this is the implementation of Hubbardâs basic policies against medical treatment and therapy for children with mental health challenges. And the reason that Scientology is against mental health services for children? It is because Hubbard stated that children who receive mental health services are ineligible to become Scientologists (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 6 December 1976RB, revised April 8, 1988, Illegal Acceptance of PCs and Acceptance of High Crime PL) and therefore cannot be recruited into Scientology. Is this another demonstration of the federal administration using federal tax dollars to force implementation of policies in public education that are in conformity with the stated policies of Scientology?

I say "another demonstration" because the federal administration mandated NCLB law has been serving as a vehicle to try to compel states and districts to use public funds to pay for the private Scientology-front group "tutoring program" Applied Scholastics throughout the county. Under Title I of NCLB public schools that are labeled as "need improvement" have to set aside 20% of their Title I money for tutoring or transportation to tutoring from approved providers of supplemental education services. At this time, approximately 25% of ALL public schools in America are facing such a âlabel,â primarily because of the failure of two subsets to make "Adequate Yearly Progress" : students with special needs and students who speak English as a second language. For example, Applied Scholastics is an approved provider in Missouri for supplemental education. On Oct. 18, 2005, the St. Louis Dispatch reported on the failure of the attempt to introduce Scientologyâs Applied Scholastics education program into the St. Louis public school system.

Please see:

http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/education/story/1BE 52CDBD3D0ED8A8625709F00143B5E?_OpenDocument and


Meanwhile, other observers, such as Peter Downs of the Saint Louis Schools Watch on Sept. 22, 2005, reported that long-time Scientologist and Applied Scholastics Chief Executive Officer Bennetta Slaughter âsaid that Paige's former chief of staff, John Danielson, had spoken the night before to Lynn Spampinato in favor of Applied Scholastics. Spampinato is the chief academic officer of St. Louis Public Schools. At the school board meeting that night, Spampinato reported that she had talked to Danielson. While acknowledging a relationship between Scientology and Applied Scholastics, she said: âThe academic program has some credibility.â " Please see:


Scientology has been continuing, literally to this day, to try to place both Narconon Drug Education programs and Applied Scholastics in the public schools. While it is relatively easy to educate state and local boards of education about Narconon Drug Education by just drawing their attention to the California Department of Education web-site evaluation of the nonsensical Narconon Drug Education, Applied Scholastics is a harder nut to crack because NCLB mandates that failing schools and districts offer for free to parents, at taxpayerâs expense, access to tutoring programs and Applied Scholastics consistently makes the list of approved tutoring programs.

At least until conscientious educators and parents contact the agencies responsible for the lists and bring to their attention the multiple problems with this program.

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