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Did Anyone Watch The Rosa Parks Story on TV? I Thought of the Situation with NCLB

Posted: 2010-01-19

Also take a look at the Newbery Honor book,
Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Phillip Hoose.

Hoose reveals the true story of an unsung hero of the Montgomery bus boycott, merging Colvin's own recollections with the narrative voice, providing a uniquely personal view of Colvin and the Civil Rights Movement.

Don't drink the tea.
Don't ride the bus.
Don't give the test.

Here's what hit me. She was just one person.

It just takes one person. That's all. One person to start, to say >i>No. You have to get tired enough however, and angry enough, and

organized enough, however. You have to have a charismatic leader as Martin Luther King Jr was, however, to keep the 'no' going. You have

to have the domino effect.

It took 350 years however before some Americans said, 'No' and 'I have a right to my dignity' and 'I have a right to be treated equally'.

350 years. That's a lot of patience, people. That's a lot of years of evil going on and on and on. Somebody had to put a stop to it.

Lincoln tried. Abolitionists tried. Some progress. Not much.

Then came Rosa, and Martin, and a whole group of people in Montgomery, AL, who learned how to say no, together. They said 'no' with their

feet. They walked instead of taking the bus. They walked. It took a whole year of walking, and then, the buses finally felt the lack of money. A whole year.

You have to endure being fired. You have to put up with everyone in the same situation as you, saying, 'It's the Law; you can't change the

Law' and yet, you keep on going. I watched when even the very people on the bus sitting in the back, chided Rosa, told her to move. She

wouldn't. She was arrested. She wouldn't change her mind; she kept on sitting. Or, as Jesse Turner says today, 'keep on walking'.

Yes, you have to be like George Schmidt and be sued and still keep on walking. You have to really, really care about change to make it

change. You have to be like Susan Ohanian, and keep on hanging out NCLB's dirty laundry for all the world to read in all its ugliness.

(She's been doing this since NCLB was signed into Law...all 1100 pages of it that no Senator read, and no Congressman read--too many

words, I guess.)

You have to be like Stephen Krashen, writing, and writing, and writing, and never stopping, and backing it up with research.

As I watched Rosa Parks' story last night, I knew she wasn't the first to say "No, I won't". But they were right and she was right. She

was an upstanding, righteous woman who had the courage of the moment to say 'no' to evil.

When something is evil, it is evil. You don't endure evil; you say no.

You don't compromise. If you do, then you are part of the deal with the devil, which is what NCLB is.

The difference between the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties and any movement to stop NCLB today is the lack of organization and the

lack of charismatic leadership today. Teachers 'unions' are now 'company unions'. Teachers endure. Teachers 'put up' with nonsense,

thinking, 'this too will pass'.

Sorry, kids, not this time. This time it is linked to tons of money being made. This time it is linked to large corporations getting

richer. This time it is linked to the root of all evil: money. This time, this situation will not pass.

For 10 long years this has existed in the schools--10 years! Some kids have known nothing else but testing, and AYP, and practice

testing, and phonics and then some more phonics. For about 7 or 8 of those years, schools have endured labels, being 'name-called' as

'inadequete' or 'needs improvement' or whatever else comes down the pike because AYP wasn't reached. Fear is the push behind NCLB.

Well, fear was the push behind the 'Jim Crow' Laws too.

Are you guys planning on waiting another 340 years before anything changes????

Where are you, Rosa and Martin, or anyone of such like? Where the hell are you? We need you now.

Otherwise, plan on another 340 years of waiting.

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