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Reign of Terror

Posted: 2010-06-13

Enter David Pakter's name into a search on this site and see how he has been mistreated for years by the New York City Department of Education, confined to the notorious Rubber Room. It is a bizarre tale, involving charges that he brought a plant to school and gave rewards to students receiving a 90 grade point average. No charge included a word about David Pakter's teaching. Recently the Hearing Officer dismissed the preposterous charges. Now he speaks out.

Can Anyone Say "NYC Dept of Education"


"Rule of Law" In The Same Breath

Regarding Mr. Joel Klein, Esq.'s

"Reign of Terror"

I have often wondered over the years how it is that so many people actually take Joel Klein seriously.

By that I mean actually believe that although they may not always agree with him or consider Joel Klein a rather nasty, utterly detestable person, they still yet view him as the legal "Chancellor" of the NYC Public Schools System.

While such a fallacious conclusion does, I confess, possess a certain droll aspect, in terms of what Klein and his thugs have visited on the NYC Schools system, I see nothing humorous here.

In fact there is nothing funny at all about thousands of veteran, Dedicated Teachers, with families to feed and kids in College, getting Pink Slips and/or living under the Damocles Sword of worrying when they will receive one, courtesy of Mr. Joel Klein, Esq.'s years of lavish over spending on his personal "pet projects" and "no bid" contracts.

Does anyone remember the $ 95,000,000 (Ninety Five Million) "no bid" contract, that was reported, (I believe it was by the Daily News), in which the "computer" company's only known Legal addresses were two Post Office Boxes, one in Brooklyn and one in Miami, perhaps within walking distance to the nearest beach.

Does any sane person, at this moment in History, with shrinking employment opportunities believe that losing one's livelihood is anything less than a CATASTROPHE.

Does any sane human being believe that when one million inner City children who have been cheated of their Constitutional Right to Equal Treatment and Equal Opportunity and/or Protection under the Law, for years beyond counting, are faced with a future just around the next bend, in which they will be cheated even more and more and more, can anyone say that there is anything at all diverting or humorous about the antics and behavior of Joel Klein, Esq. and his army of stooge confederates.


One dictionary I consulted defines the term: "Catastrophe" thusly;

1. the final event of the dramatic action esp. of a tragedy

2. a momentous tragic event ranging from extreme misfortune to utter overthrow or ruin

3. a violent and sudden change in a feature of the earth

4. utter failure, fiasco, disaster


Can any sane individual possibly not see and recognize, (which are not necessarily the same thing), that all the ingredients and manifestations of the word "Catastrophe", according to Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, are precisely what Joel Klein, Esq., with the loyal assistance of his extensive, bountifully rewarded army of thugs in silk suits, and lesser paid lapdogs, hatchet men, sycophants, lackeys and philandering flunkies, has visited on the more than one million children and over Eighty thousand hard working Dedicated Teachers of New York City.

Teachers who comprise the backbone of the Public school system of New York City.

But such is the success of the present Reign of Terror perpetrated by one solitary individual, (appointed, semi-illegally, because he lacked the legally required credentials to be appointed Schools Chancellor), such is the success of this man's Reign of Terror, I say, over a 23 (Twenty Three) Billion dollar taxpayer supported Public institution, that nearly no person anywhere will dare to call him what he, in fact, represents.

I will say the words here.

Joel Klein, Esq. is a brutal and common Thug. A thug because he allows Eighty Thousand innocent hard working Professional Teachers to be treated in an obscenely brutal fashion by ignorant no nothing thugs.

Joel Klein, Esq. is a "thief", a thief in the sense that when his Silk suited thugs had me, as just one example, Railroaded by the NYC Medical Office as "unfit" for duty, and when his suited thugs had me permanently removed from my Medical Program for exceptionally gifted Minority students I knew had the ability to become Medical Doctors, Joel Klein, Esq. and his suited thugs, in a very real sense, stole their entire future lives from those gifted inner City children. Children who were capable of escaping the "Circle of Poverty" into which they had been born and who, perhaps one day, could dream of owning a Duplex in a building on the Upper East Side, perhaps a Duplex in Mr. Joel Klein, Esq.'s building located at 565 Park Ave.

That assumes the Co-op Board would not hold it against a person of color that he or she had once been a student in the Medical Illustration program of David Pakter before Mr. Pakter fell suddenly from Grace, and was most unceremoniously removed from the High School of Art & Design for the "crime" of writing to Mr. Joel Klein, Esq. that their Federal Civil Rights to "equal treatment" under the Constitution of the United States, were being egregiously, and routinely violated.

Joel Klein, Esq. in a time of violent economic upheaval, is not in the slightest bit embarrassed to threaten the laying off/ firing of thousands of Teachers and end health sustaining school programs, while he hands out hundreds of thousands of dollars in raises to his suited flunkies and lapdogs who sit around oak tables with him in that edifice to Rampant Corruption, The Tweed Courthouse, now the seat of power of Klein's 23 billion dollar NYC Dept of Education Empire.

An Empire built on lies, hypocrisy, greed, mind boggling corruption and the use of Reign of Terror "force", in all its forms, both economic, subtle and not so subtle, to destroy any individual who challenges the absolute Dictatorial Authority of Mr. Joel Klein, Esq. who appears to be a Legend, but only in his own mind.

And this entire state of affairs is due to the decision of one single human being. That is to say, my neighbor on East 79th Street, Mr Mayor For Life, Michael Bloomberg, who has breakfast each morning at a coffee shop near 79th Street and Madison just to convince himself, perhaps, that he truly is a "Man of the People" and truly feels for the little guy, whenever and wherever he or she is hurting, whether in body or in the pocket or in the Soul.

Will anyone, anywhere have the plain old fashioned guts, as well as common decency and honesty, to call the Faux NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, Esq. what he really is and represents.

I will do so here.

Mr. Klein is and represents an ugly, cancerous blight and abomination on the once fair face of our great New York City and its once proud Public Schools System which Klein is trying his best to convert into a billion dollar "For Profit" Private Enterprise.

Klein would create a "Charter School System" in every community in which people like Ms. Eva Moscowitz, who now "manages" four so-called "Charter Schools" is compensated approximately $ 380,000, (Three Hundred Eighty Thousand) dollars per year.

That is just twenty thousand dollars less than what the President of these United States of America earns, who has perhaps the most difficult job in the entire world. Certainly slightly more difficult than visiting four so-called Charter schools she "manages" in upper Manhattan when the thought strikes Ms. Eva.

Does something feel Not right ?

Does something smell Not right?

Does something seem Not right when one examines this whole Charter School "thing", which is supposed to be better, (according to the Educationally uncredentialed Faux Chancellor Joel Klein, Esq.), for New York City's children than what we had before - but is fast disappearing as the Fast Buck artists and the Education Profiteers pile on and into the new Gold Rush of Education, pick shovels and pails Not required- just the "right connections".

Is there anyone that will have the guts to say where Joel Klein, Esq. would be in a just world. A world where decency and honesty and ethical human beings ran the show.

I will say here where I, for one, believe Joel Klein, Esq. should be.

Where he should have been placed the very day he read a letter I sent him, on October 2, 2003, informing him of serious Federal Civil Rights Violations occurring in the New York City Public Schools System that needed to be corrected forthwith.

But Mr. Joel Klein, Esq. refused to meet with me.

Was he thinking: "Let them eat cake".

He would be where a man called Madoff sits and spends each day, where the windows include shiny steel bars behind the glass - at no extra cost.

These two failed human beings would no doubt become fast friends for Life, just the amount of time both deserve to be house guests, (unfortunately) at the taxpayers expense.

Unless of course the penal system keeps up with the Charter School Movement, in which event Mr. Klein's accommodations might just become a new edition to the expanding conglomerate of Ms. Eva.

That is to say a "Charter Jail" and what a rich and fitting piece of Poetic Justice that would be.

But, make no mistake here, dear reader.

What Mr. Madoff stole was simply money, granted not anything which you or your neighbor particularly relishes losing, but replaceable to some extent and really not the end of the world.

But what Mr. Joel Klein, Esq. "stole" via his skewed views of the universe, and actions each day for years on end, represented the theft of people's hopes for a better Future, a better life, and their children's Dreams.

People like Mr. Joel Klein, Esq. are beyond Forgiveness and probably beyond Redemption.

There may be a Force or Higher power or a certain Grace, somewhere in this Universe that can forgive a human being such as a Joel Klein.

If there is, then let this sorry excuse for a human being look to that Higher Power for pity because if I reflect on the boundless and heartless havoc he visited on the innocent children and their Teachers and the parents of our fair City, such Pity or Forgiveness cannot ever come from me.

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