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Educators Need to Start Opting Out

Posted: 2011-04-01

This came in an e-mail, April 1, 2011. The author later apologized for his "sardonically defeatist" tone. Opting out is defeatist. If hundreds of thousands of teachers would stand up and say, "We aren't going to take this any more!" it would be profoundly liberating.

Nothing will change until this happens.

by Bob Valiant, Jr.

Educators need to start opting-out; it's time for passive resistance, a la Gandhi. I did.

After 18 years in public education, I said "You don't get me anymore, I'm not going to work for a corrupt system.

I'm not going to play your game."

I left an $80K/year job as an educational bureaucrat for life as an unemployed

poor person. I couldn't be happier. Seriously.

However, I think I'm in the extreme minority. Teachers and administrators won't do this because:

1) They are mostly (relatively) highly paid.

2) They are (mostly) good Americans(R) who strongly value possessions and consumption.

3) They have been well trained to go along to get along.

Don't get me wrong: The same could be said about most middle class and above occupations. Until Americans can't buy Big Macs whenever they want to and can't drive their half ton pickups wherever they want to and until "Dancing With The Stars" is no longer available on T.V., they won't rock the boat. Their values are satisfied. Their needs are


Our side lost a LONG time ago.

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