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Kelly Gallagher Says Stop Readicide Now

Posted: 2011-07-12

This excerpt, July 11, 2011, is by a 12-year old 7th grader in public school who has more insight than most politicos. He is a contributing writer to K12NN. You can read this complete commentary as well as more work by Zombie X here.

According to "The Zombie Survival Guide," there is no known way to cure an infected human. Since the creation of the "No Child Left Behind Act," (NCLB) in 2002 the education system has been producing young mindless zombies. An entire country of zombies might be okay, even preferable, if we were in a communist country or even a monarchy.

But last time I checked, America is a democracy. In most states, when a person turns eighteen they are given the right to vote. So if our generation becomes a horde of slobbering zombies guess what that means? It means that we will likely have more crappy presidents who are controlled and bought off by greedy, self-righteous billionaires. Luckily, there are teachers who are trying to turn us kids into critical-thinkers. Critical thinking is the best vaccine for protecting ourselves from being turned into zombies. The future of America can still be saved from an invasion of the undead. And the heroes will be the teachers, people like Kelly Gallagher, author of four books including Readicide, and one of the best English teachers in the state of California.

I was fortunate enough to interview Kelly at Magnolia High School and I would like to share some of his profound wisdom. Kelly believes that the purpose of education is to turn kids on to the love of learning and thinking. Despite the fact that his students are not honors level, they do well on the standardized tests yet he doesn̢۪t teach to the test. He teaches to the student. What does that mean? Kelly tries to get kids to become very curious about the world around them and to be willing to pursue their interests in the world, then he gets them to write about their thoughts. . . .

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