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Hide and Grovel: Educators Should Lead the Charge to Repeal the Second Amendment

Publication Date: 2012-12-17

December 17, 2012.

No more hide and grovel. Repeal the second amendment.

by Mike Martin

Killings in schools by guns are so common that we practice it once a month. They call it "lock down" which means hide and grovel. Years ago it was "duck and cover" but now it is "hide and grovel." In April of this year The New Yorker published Battleground America: One Nation, Under the Gun, which led off with a description of the high school shooting on February 27, 2012, near Cleveland and noted: "I hate to say it, but we trained for exactly this type of thing, a school emergency of this type," Dan McClelland, the county sheriff, said.

The Children's Defense Fund has a publication Protect Children Not Guns in which they ask "Where is our anti-war movement here at home?" and "By any standards of human and moral decency, children in America are under assault ...." Then they talk about gun control.

I thought about gun control, read about gun control, and everyone says the second amendment is preeminent. People write about how to get around it. People write that because of the second amendment and how Heller interpreted it, we can only do this or that. I don't want to talk within the confines of that any more: repeal the second amendment. We don't need it any more, and despite Heller it was originally written only to ensure that there would be state militia at a time when there were no national standing armies. We don't need it despite the paranoid fantasies of the right wing nuts who patronize movies about fighting back against rioters or the federal government.

In an online article titled Sacrificing thousands of kids on the alter of racist rightwing fantasies David Atkins writes "It sounds too awful to contemplate, but reality is a cruel mistress. It's painfully obvious what motivates the rabidly pro-gun base: a deep-seated desire to unwind the social contract and cleanse undesirables who are allegedly stealing their tax dollars."

These are not the people who are rabid supporters of public education but as Atkins says "Unfortunately, both political parties are also motivated to hold onto the voters who carry these nightmarish visions in their heads." Indeed, other authors such as Paul Krugman note "David Atkins takes it further, saying the awful truth: the pro-gun fanatics are basically the kind of people who think that Obama is a Kenyan socialist atheistic Islamist, and the urban hordes are coming for their property any day now. People, in other words, who already vote 100 percent Republican -- and lose elections."

Atkins concludes "What this functionally means is that we as a nation are openly allowing thousands of our children to die every year so that certain segments of the population can role-play racist murder fantasies." And other writers suggest from the last election that Obama won without those people

These are the people who claim "you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands." After Sandy Hook I'm fine with that. Have it your way. But I don't really want to argue gun control with monsters. I spent 7 years as a U.S. Marine, including a year in the Vietnam War, and I'm at the point where I believe the NRA is more a threat than the NLF ever was.

I don't expect Obama, who I often refer to as Wuss In Chief, to stand up against the NRA. He'll work out some compromise at best. At this point I'm fed up with "hide and grovel" and I've got my own fantasies of going for the jugular: repeal the second amendment. But then I'm not a teacher
or administrator. My wife is an elementary school principal and it could have been her gunned down trying to save her children and her teachers.

Like Chris Clarke, whose ex-wife is a teacher, wrote on Pharyngula, "thereΓΆ€™s not a single one of those grade school teachers I've known, my ex- emphatically included, who I could imagine doing anything but jumping between the gunman and his or her students." It's happened before and it's going to happen again. And again (rinse and repeat). And afterward, each time, as Chris Clarke pointed out: "I guarantee you this: public school grade school teachers will go right back to being the despised class."

Repeal the second amendment: no more hide and grovel. People are already saying that politically it is impossible to do anything. But as I recall, a Constitutional Amendment doesn't have to go through Congress. Repeal the second amendment.

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