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It's Time to Boycott

Publication Date: 2003-05-17

Do you wonder what you can do to resist high stakes testing? Join the boycott!

The times are ripe for a high profile resistance to high stakes testing--and here it is.

Yes it is a long shot, a very long shot. But some readers may be old enough to remember the grape boycotts.

The FCAT Boycott Coalition asks you to boycott:

  • sugar from the state of Florida

  • orange or grapefruit juice from the state of Florida

  • theme parks in the state of Florida

  • If you want to register your support, contact Sue Allison, head of Marylanders Against High Stakes Testing, who will pass it on to Florida:


    For more information on this boycott, see:

    When you pledge to boycott, send a letter of your intent to:

  • Governor Jeb Bush

  • your favorite juice and sugar producer

  • director of your favorite theme park

  • You might consider writing your local congresspersons, telling them why you are supporting this boycott, asking them what they are doing to dismantle NCLB, which will drive high stakes testing to new insanity.

    See sample letter below.

    These grass roots child advocacy organizations support the Florida boycott:

  • ACTNOW (Advocates of Children & Teachers National Organizing Workshop)

  • Coalition for Common Sense in Education

  • Marylanders Against High Stakes Testing (MAHST)

  • Mothers Against WASL

  • Peter Sacks

  • Vermont Society for the Study of Education (VSSE)

  • Sample Letter:


    PL 05 The Capitol
    400 South Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
    (PH) 850.488.4441
    (FAX) 850.487.0810

    Dear Governor Bush,

    I am writing this letter to say I am joining the boycott in support of the students who will not receive diplomas because of the F.C.A.T. exam, and in support of the opponents of the F.C.A.T.- based graduation requirement who are asking you to consider a moratorium on this requirement.

    As an act of solidarity with these Florida citizens, I will not buy sugar from the state of Florida, go to Florida's theme parks, visit Florida, or buy orange or grapefruit juice until a moratorium is enacted.

    My state also has an unfair test-based graduation requirement that is also keeping thousands of deserving students from getting high school diplomas. The state of Florida like my own state is failing its students and leaving thousands of students behind. I hope you will enact this moratorium immediately and consider a better, fairer system of education in your state.

    Brad MacGowan
    Chelmsford, MA

    Send a letter to the Florida Chamber of Commerce


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