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Re-Assessing School Standards

Publication Date: 2004-06-10

Five years after publication,One Size Fits Few gets 4 scholarly reviews.


The Journal of Learning Science (Lawrence Erlbaum), Vol. 13, No. 2, 2004, has a section called Books & Ideas in which Thomas Koschmann of the Department of Medical Education at Southern Illinois University chose 3 books for 4 commentaries.

One Size Fits Few: The Folly of Educational Standards, Susan Ohanian
National Standards in American Education, Diane Ravitch
The Way We Were? The Myths and Realities of America's Student Achievement,Richard Rothstein

I must admit to being bemused as to how these professionals must have felt when they agreed to ply their skills of scholarly analysis to my book and then got to page 84 in my book. Or maybe page 103, where I describe how male baboons greet each other and why this might have some relevance to Fortune 500 CEOs.

I assume many of you have the book and can appreciate what I mean. And if you don't have the book, why not?

This is a scholarly journal. I didn't detect any smiles.

The commentaries are provided by:
Michael S. Smith & Gayle S. Christensen, Willian and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Chandra Muller, Dept of Sociology, University of Texas

Thomas S. Popkewitz, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin

William Ayers and James O'Brien, Dept. of Education, University of Chicago

The Journal of the Learning Sciences, a quarterly, costs $55 per year.

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