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Goodbye teachers

Hello to the Brave New World of NCLB

Publication Date: 2007-01-26

The recent decision of a Maryland superintendent of schools is a clear illustration of the destructive nature of NCLB policy.

An article in The (Annapolis, MD) Capital detailing the superintendent's ?zero-basing? plan
to remove 193 teachers and staff members from a local high school (that failed to make AYP for 4 consequtive years) should be every community's nightmare.

The situation facing the teachers and staff at AHS is an outrage. How can Dr. Maxwell make such damaging decisions about the lives of hundreds of long-term and devoted teachers with a clear conscience? My heart goes out to the principal, Dr. Lilley, the many amazingly dedicated teachers, staff, and the students at AHS.

This is a clear illustration of the destructive nature of NCLB policy. Our schools, and our teachers and students deserve better. If Dr. Maxwell had any integrity, he would be denouncing the relentless and irresponsible testing policies of NCLB. No community deserves to witness our schools be driven to failure with policies not rooted in sound educational or learning theory.

Dr. Maxwell should be thankful for the teachers who have weathered this assault on their professions. They have worked under the worst oppressive conditions to comply with endless bureaucratic control over their ability to teach. The real and fundamental issue at hand is whether, as a community, we intend to stay quiet in the face of this abuse.

Our schools are being set up by an artificial standard of AYP that demands an unreasonable "proficiency" from students who deserve a reasonable and accurate accounting of their individual abilities. With NCLB compliance, no child ever has such an opportunity.

The situation at AHS is a disaster. Dr. Maxwell and the members of the school board should stop making decisions that exclude the community they serve. I fully support the teachers and staff at AHS and would like to propose a public evaluation of the merits of NCLB compliance. Making scapegoats of such dedicated staff, in the face of unattainable and outrageous "goals" is nothing short of a travesty.

The Educator Roundtable petition with 24,153 signatures is full of comments from teachers, parents, students, and other individuals concerned about our public system of education. Please read it and view some of the comments.
We must find a way to give our teachers an opportunity to address their own demise.


read the article at: http://www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2007/01_25-52/TOP

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