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If I Were the Goddess of Education in the World…

Publication Date: 2007-08-08

Cindy and I invite your additions.

1. I find a way to end poverty.

2. Iâd make sure everyone who needed a job had a decent job.

3. Iâd make sure everyone had decent housing.

4. Iâd make sure that everyone had equal access to good health care, including mental health care.

5. Iâd abolish war.

6. Iâd get rid of all multiple choice, âstandardizedâ tests. They thwart creative thinking. Gosh, I only have four choices, but the one I really want to think about isnât even on here. If schools play that script one or two more times, the mind wonât even hear it; the fifth, sixth, bazillionth choice ainât even there inside the kid any longer.

7. Iâd pay teachers, all teachers, well enough to live comfortable lives and take care of themselves and their families. Iâd get rid of pay hierarchies. Period.

8. Iâd make a way for teachers to get regular respite time. Probably a day off a week.

9. Iâd hold school superintendents, school districts, schools, principals, and teachers accountable for being certain that no child is left out of the joy of learning, a natural joy, by the way.

10. Iâd make sure that the richest child on earth gets the same education as the poorest child on earth.

11. And then Iâd get rid of that economic inequity.

12. Iâd see that teachers were trained to profoundly, through-to-the-epicenter-soul understand and embrace the richness of culture, talents, challenges, family, humanity, and spirit that each child brings with him/her to school. Teachers who insist that such understanding is based in âcolor-blindnessâ or other such forms of insight deficit would be asked to continue their training possibly indefinitely.

13. Iâd make sure that kids got tons of hugs and that they felt completely safe and confident enough to talk to school adults if a hug or touch did not feel okay.

14. Iâd go back in time to stop the wars upon Afghanistan and Iraq and Nicaragua and El Salvador and Vietnam andâ¦so that everything the worldâs schools need and more could have been easily paid for.

15. Iâd make sure that kids with IEPs, such as my younger daughter, are valued and loved every bit as much as typical learners.

16. Iâd see that all bus drivers are as loving, smart, and giving as my younger daughterâs last bus driver, Ms. Linda Dean, Bus 3057, DeKalb County, Georgia, so that public education could begin the moment a child steps onto the bus.

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