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People of Interest to the U. S. Press Secretary

Publication Date: 2011-05-15

I admit that Twitter annoys me because it seems so ego-driven, not "social" at all. People "talk," but few seem to "listen." But something interesting is beginning to happen. People are "answering" U. S. Press Secretary Justin Hamilton. So far, he doesn't pay one bit of attention, but who knows what might happen if we develop a groundswell of people "answering" Hamilton's outrageous assertions.

Meanwhile, one person EDPressSec Justin Hamilton follows on Twitter is Justin Hamilton. One has to receive permission to follow this Justin Hamilton, but a website is provided. There, we learn that Justin Hamilton has been politically well-connected since graduating from University of St. Thomas in 2001.

o Deputy Press Secretary at U.S. Department of Education
o Deputy Chief of Staff at U.S. Rep George Miller
o Communications Consultant at Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team
o Missouri Press Secretary at Obama for America
o Legislative Director at U.S. Rep George Miller
o Milwaukee Regional Press Secretary at Kerry-Edwards 2004
o Legislative Director at Congressman Chris Bell
o Field Organizer at Chris Bell for Congress
o Legislative Correspondent for National Security Affairs at U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan
o Mail Room Clerk at U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan

A few educators on Twitter have been complaining that Justin Hamilton, U. S. Department of Education Press Secretary, doesn't "follow" any teachers. But that doesn't mean some teachers--and some irate parents--don't follow Hamilton--and refute his outrageous assertions. Here's a sample.

May 14, 2011
1 p.m.
EDPressSec Justin Hamilton:

Education reforms in Illinois are a national example of what's possible when adults come together to do the right thing for kids

1:05 p.m.

@EDPressSec Ed reforms in IL are a national example of using shaky data to
blame teachers for failure of government to provide real equity.

1:10 p.m.
leonie haimson

@EDPressSec Ed "reforms" in Illinois represent triumph of ideology pushed by
corpocrats w no education background over evidence & good sense

3 p.m.
TeacherSabrina Sabrina Stevens

@EDPressSec Education reforms in Finland are a global example of what's possible
when adults come together to do the right thing for kids. +

3 p.m.
TeacherSabrina Sabrina Stevens

@EDPressSec Finland achieved greatness WITHOUT weakening people's rights or relying on gimmicks like VAM.

3 p.m.
alicemercer A. Mercer

@EDPressSec I worked in banking risk mgt when they rolled out complex "formulas". It was a big part of finance collapse. DO NOT DO IT!

3 p.m.
SLazarOtC Stephen Lazar

@EDPressSec Legislation that takes power away from the many and puts in the hands of the few does not help Students, or democracy

5 p.m.

@EDPressSec Doing the right thing for kids should not include silencing & devaluing teachers who advocate & stand up for them everyday.

10 a.m.
susanoha Susan Ohanian

@EDPressSec statements supporting Illinois "reform" reveal how anti-teacher US DOE is. You CAN'T be Pro-kid AND assault teachers

Here's who EDPressSec deems worthy of following on Twitter. Note the high percentage of media.

⢠Houston ISD Media Relations Office
⢠ED Partners, Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships/US Dept of Ed. Connecting schools & community organizations
⢠ED Office of Educational Technology (OET)
⢠WhiteHouse AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander)
⢠US Department of Education for Civil Rights
⢠Jana Rausch, Senior Manager, Media and Public Affairs, Milken Foundation and TAP (System for Teacher and Student Advancement)
⢠Steve Walker, South Regional Director, Organizing for America (Obama 2012 campaign)
⢠Trace Urdan, research analyst in for-profit education industry
⢠Nichole Dobo, The News Journal's statewide education reporter
⢠Alberto Retana, Los Angeles community organizer
⢠Michael Petrilli, Executive Vice President, Thomas B. Fodham Institute
⢠Abby D. Phillip, POLITICO reporter covering the White House.
⢠TEACHgov www.teach.gov
⢠Education Next
⢠Hechinger Institute
⢠New Teacher Project
⢠Jacob Soboroff, AMCnews correspondent, NBC School Pride co-host
⢠Kay Steiger, Online managing editor, Washingtonian
⢠Campus Progress, project of the Center for American Progress
⢠Emily Myerson, member of Princeton Chapter, Students for Education Reform
⢠NJ Education Experts, http://education.nationaljournal.com
⢠Gates Foundation
⢠Jennifer Epstein, reporter at POLITICO
⢠edReformer, project of Vander Ark / Ratcliff, a full service strategic consulting firm
⢠Get Schooled, promotes âWaiting for Supermanâ
⢠Ed & Workforce Dems, official Twitter account for the House Education and Labor Committee
⢠Gotham Schools
⢠Tom Vander Ark
⢠Lesli Maxwell, PR Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD
⢠Lindsey Christ, Education reporter, NY1 News
⢠NYC Public Schools, Department of Education
⢠NBC School Pride
⢠Huff Post Education
⢠Ed Writers
⢠New York Times Education Life
⢠Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week
⢠NEA Public Relations
⢠Sgermeraad, Director of Communications, Education Trust
⢠Dakarai I. Aarons, public affairs and communications consultant
⢠National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
⢠AEI Education Policy, directed by Frederick M. Hess
⢠Committee for Education Funding
⢠Diane Ravitch
⢠Charlie Barone, Policy Director, Democrats for Education Reform
⢠Kendra Marr, Politico reporter
⢠Hechinger Report
⢠Richard Lee Colvin, former LA times reporter; editor Hechinger Report
⢠Elizabeth Green, editor GothamSchools.org
⢠Sandra Block, personal finance reporter, USA TODAY
⢠Teach for America
⢠Andrew Rotherham, Eduwonk blogger, partner, Bellwether Education
⢠Melissa Korn, Dow Jones Newswires reporter
⢠Education Gadfly at Thomas B. Fordham Institute
⢠Mary Pilon, money correspondent, Wall Street Journal
⢠Dorie Turner, Associated Press reporter covering US Department of Education and Georgia education
⢠Patrick Riccards, Eduflack blog
⢠Marc Ambinder, White House correspondent at National Journal
⢠Education Sector: funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, CityBridge Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ewing Marion, Kauffman Foundation, Rodel Foundation of Delaware,Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
⢠ACE Education (American Council on Education); coordinates higher education
⢠Tom Weber, Education reporter for Minnesota Public Radio
⢠Christie Armario, Associated Press reporter
⢠US Department of Education
⢠Andres Henriquez, Program Officer, Carnegie Corporation of New York
⢠LA Times Education, staff reporters on the Education beat
⢠National School Boards Association
⢠Massie Ritsch, Official feed of External Affairs & Outreach/US Dept. of Education. Connecting ED to education stakeholders
⢠Inside Higher Ed
⢠Eliza Krigman, reporter POLITICO
⢠Alexander Russo, â I used to be a Hill staffer. Now I write and blog about school reform. My new book describes the effort to save a broken LA high school.â
⢠Politics K-12, Ed Week reporters Michele McNeil and Alyson Klein
⢠Andy Smarick, former White House education aide and US Deputy Assistant Education Secretary, formerly at Thomas B. Fordham Foundation (last Tweet, Aug. 2, 2010)
⢠Nick Anderson, Washington Post reporter
⢠Libby Quaid, Associated Press reporter (last Tweet Nov. 9, 2010)
⢠Greg Toppo, USA Today reporter

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