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[Susan notes: Great letter. Note how he shifts from the particulars of the WASL to the general problems the Obama plan promise to deliver.]

Published in Dailly World

To the editor

Big headline catches your attention, "Study finds benefits of WASL."

Perhaps it is such a big headline because it is such a surprise to anyone that there is anything good about the WASL. However, what the small print says should have directed that this story, if printed at all, be on the back pages!

The "researchers" even admit "it has flaws." Think about it, six schools districts represents 2 percent of the schools in our state, 30 students represents less than .00003 percent ΓΆ€” 68 teachers, 29 parents ΓΆ€” you figure it out.

Then we note that U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who is about privatizing public schools, narrowing the curriculum (that which gets taught gets tested) and nationalized testing models, sets up competition for the $5 billion education fund. What a better way to change an organization to your way of thinking than to wave money under its nose. But we all know what happens with competition ΓΆ€” there are winners and losers. It is too bad we are talking about children's futures here; their loss will be our county's loss.

So while in this arena, I suggest President Obama and First Lady Michelle get together and talk about education ΓΆ€” he representing nationalized tested curriculum with teachers' salaries tied to the results and her about children needing more exposure to the arts. They are on opposite ends of the pole here. The goals he wishes to achieve will surely limit the goals she wishes to see achieved.

Bob DeBuhr

Bob DeBuhr

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