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[Susan notes: Mimi Marshall makes a great point: Parents are the decision makers. They can refuse to allow their children to be subjected to high stakes standardized testing.]

Published in Greeley Tribune

To the editor

Parents, just say "no to CSAP. Organize. Start with yourself. You are the decision maker regarding your child's declining to become another sheep filling in bubbles properly.

The administrative sheep are at the cliff's edge and don't know what to do with themselves or their confusion, so now they're shooting from their hips right down to their feet.

Re-read, slowly with forbearance, the article in the Tribune of Aug. 8. Headline: "... scores improve." But, "growth is middling." "The growth model" is the newest eyeball to the cauldron.

We have a growth chart on our kitchen wall, and we periodically mark and date our 8-year-old grandson's growth. Either spurts or not much change. It seems a foolish endeavor to predict one or the other. Even though "the Colorado Growth Model" has been several years in the making, district officials are still grappling with the new reporting method, and Superintendent Lang admits that "because the system is so new ... it's something that none of us really have an answer to." Yet cheerleader clairvoyant Lang predicts that "over time, we're going to get better and better and better." Three betters are positively better than one.

But wait, Assistant Superintendent Selzer says that "when we can drill down to individual kids," "then we can start matching the interventions to see if the interventions have been able to make the growth go more quickly." Lang just touted the rewards of "slow and steady."

The clincher of the article, replete with much delusional babble, is the wrap up that the district has the ability to ready students for life after high school. Parents, say "no" to CSAP.

Mimi Marshall

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