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Published in Fresno Bee
Fresno Bee http://www.fresnobee.com/2010/12/05/2184223/test-score-debate.html

To the editor

On Monday,11/29, the Bee praised Superintendent Hanson, because, among other things, test scores had risen under his leadership. This is meant as a benefit to FUSD.

Yet on Friday, 11/26, Michael Petrilli, of the Fordham foundation, says, "the 'program improvement' label for poor test score progress is 'meaningless' for districts that everyone knows are pretty good.â How would 'everyone' know that a district is pretty good without test scores? What other criteria is Petrilli considering? If it is valid criteria why are not all districts evaluated in like fashion?

Jake Bragonier, spokesman for Madera Unified says, "Clovis can be shown as what is wrong with NCLB. For anyone to consider that (Clovis) a failing school district must be making some kind of joke." Why wouldn't 'anyone' consider Clovis a failing school district if its scores fail to meet NCLB improvement standards?

Either the rise and fall of test scores tell the truth about a district or they don't. If improving test scores are of benefit to FUSD, then the possibility of Clovis schools going to 'program improvement' because of not meeting test score progress should also be valid.

The other possibility is that test scores are meaningless for all districts.

Rog ( Horace ) Lucido, Physics Instructor, Ret.

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