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[Susan notes: We will all be getting lots of letters from Michelle, and others, asking for money. Follow Cindy Lutenbacher's good example, and stick a letter in the postage-paid envelope provided--and explain why they won't be getting any. Call Obama and Duncan to account.]

Submitted to The White House but not published

Dear Michelle,

In 2008, I contributed everything I could and then some in order to help elect your husband. I worked for his election in every way I could, including spending election day at polling place "guarding." When he won the election that night, I was in the waiting room of the ER, and every staff member and waiting person cried and danced and hugged one another. It was bliss.

In 2012, I will vote for him.

But until he changes course drastically in his education direction, I will not contribute a dime or work for him, again.

I am an associate professor at Morehouse College and the mother of public school children. I thought NCLB was the worst educational nightmare I could imagine. Then, along came Arne Duncan and Race to the Top. Your husband's words and those of Mr. Duncan are feckless because the actual direction of more and more testing and more and more cookie-cutter type schooling are the worst possible scenario for our nation̢۪s children. Those of us who are true educators and parents know these things.

I suspect you do, too, for you and Barack have chosen to send your beautiful daughters to a private, Quaker school.

I̢۪ve written to your husband many times about these things, but he's not listening to me or the millions of us who see Arne Duncan and his actions for what they are.

Will you?

Cindy Lutenbacher

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