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[Susan notes: Rog Lucido hits the nail on the had: Professional malfeasance.]

Submitted to Fresnoo Bee but not published

To the editor

Re: Calif. teachers face grading on student test scores

FUSD superintendent, Michael Hanson, FTA union leader Greg Gadams and those who believe in using student district/state test scores to evaluate teachers--in part or whole-- still do not get it. It is a well-known fact in test design and interpretation that assessments can only be used for the purpose for which they were created. To do otherwise is a gross miscarriage of professional judgment akin to using a household knife rather than a scalpel during a surgery just because they both cut. These tests were designed to assess students not teachers.

Education leaders who continue to force this type of teacher evaluation have to be held accountable for their lack of adherence to professional standards--just as teachers are. Those who hold this position are negligent in doing the research and study that invalidates the use of value-added or student-growth-percentile models.

Howard Wainer was principal research scientist at the Educational Testing Service, the people who brought us the SAT. He believes in tests. He also doesn't believe that you can use these test scores for purposes for which they were not designed. Read his recent book, Uneducated Guesses, and become enlightened or continue on this path to injustice and professional malfeasance.

Rog (Horace) Lucido, Physics Instructor, Ret.

Educators and Parents Against Testing Abuse (EPATA)

Rog Lucido

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