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[Susan notes: Children as guinea pigs for the state.]

Published in New York Teacher

To the editor

Someone finally put a parent's point of view on paper! ( Common Core: Moving too fast on testing)

I consider myself a fairly intelligent and educated individual, but I have never felt so inadequate as I have in the past few months. How is it possible that I can't keep up with my child's fifth-grade math?

It's because no one can. The kids are frustrated and failing. Yet the teachers have to keep chugging along with a new math concept a day, never to return to the concept again until Friday when the children find the math problem on their tests, along with the other seven concepts learned that week.

My son's class took a math test last week. Out of 23 students, only one got above a 50. My son, who used to love going to school, has on more than one occasion this year turned to me and said, "Mom, I hate fifth grade." Now that is just heartbreaking.

It's sickening to think that my 10-year-old is a guinea pig for the state. I live in New York, so of course I have to work to survive. I work an eight-hour day to come home to re-teach the math classwork to my child. Add on the rest of the subjects that become neglected, and I have now put in an 11-hour day. Enjoying time with my child has been taken from me as well as his enjoyment of elementary school. Is there hope in sight?

When our ELA scores are all failing will someone wake up?

Jackie Herrmann

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